Joseph Leonard to open

After being under-wraps for quite a while, Joseph Leonard has finally gone public at 170 Waverly PlaceDaily Candy made the announcement today.  Joseph Leonard should get their liquor license today and will open for dinner tomorrow night.  Eventually to be open from breakfast through 2 AM and the menu will continue to change over the course of the day and as the seasons change.

In full disclosure, Fred and I are investors in Joseph Leonard.  Why a restaurant?  The first obvious answer is we love food, the industry, eating out, etc.  Instead of opening our own, why not invest in one.  The second is that Gabrielle Stulman, who opened Little Owl and Market Table, has a proven track record.  He is smart, scrappy, understands the industry, loves what he does like no other, has 2 incredibly successful restaurants under his cap and has proved he knows how to make payroll.  He is also charming which is an obvious added bonus. 

We first met Gabe at Little Owl which we frequented when the doors first opened, then we moved it over to Market Table.  We continue to frequent both restaurants but one of the things we also loved about both of these restaurants, besides the food and the vibe, was Gabe was working the room.  That is how we met him.  I wrote about him years ago when Little Owl first opened and thought he was this generations Danny Meyer.  I know that is a steep compliment but lets see if my prediction turns out to be right.  We can check back in about 10 years.

Make sure you get over to check out the place.  The decor is inviting, charming and makes you want to hang out there all day.  Jim McDuffee, the chef, will be sure to want you coming back for more.  Personally, when I am in town, you will probably find me there at the bar for breakfast, lunch or dinner, enjoying our new local spot. 

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