Girls Guide to Paris


2 summers ago, we spent a month in Paris with the kids.  Now, of course, we are all obsessed with returning to Paris as often as possible. 

While we were there, Fred and I had lunch with a woman who beat to the punch with her Paris obsession.  Actually, she gets the total France obsession but Paris is her highlight.  She is super smart and has had and continues to have an interesting career.  Her next project was creating a website called Girls Guide to Paris.  Dipping her toe into the entrepreneurial waters. 

Her site went live last week.  I got the email in my box and quickly scoured the site.  She did a fantastic job.  Well written, easy to navigate, covers all the bases and no surprises, she really knows her stuff.  I will be using her site as a reference for our next visit (December). 

Big congratulations to Doni.  A must read. 

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  1. zygor guides

    i always like this site!

    1. Gotham Gal

      They do a fantastic job.