Pop-Up Clubs

47935a  Last night, we were invited to go to see Lykke Li and Mike Snow perform at a pop-up club.  Why a pop-up club?  Simple.  You can smoke.  No regulations.  You forget the days when the clubs were filled with smoke and you felt a bit like an ashtray the next morning.

We were invited by a friend of Jessica's, Nicholas.  Nicholas has a sweet store down on the LES called BBlessing.  He also happens to be a DJ and designer…and of course has fantastic taste in music hence how we got to the show.  Ended up we saw a few people we knew there.  New York is much smaller than you think. 

The space was a photographers loft.  Sponsored by an spirits company.  Very small and intimate.

Lykke Li performed about 5 songs and they were great.  The lead singer has such a distinctive voice.  Mike Snow, unfortunately never showed so as the crowd thinned, we left.  Ended up he never showed so our decision to leave was perfect. 

Love the concept of pop-ups, not so into the smoke, and spending a short evening with a bunch of young NYC hipsters keeps me young. 

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  1. ceonyc

    Do your kids realize you guys are cool, or do they find ways to think of you as their dorky parents b/c that’s what kids are supposed to think of you as? 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      I think they are well aware of who we are but believe me they find ways topoke at us.