Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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After dinner last night, we grabbed a cab and headed down to the Bowery Ballroom.  One of my favorite venues.  We got there around 11 just as Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeroes were coming on.  The good news is, we know the trick to get to the front of the stage.  Sorry, can't share. 

An 11 person band.  One person is more talented than the other.  All great voices.  They put on an incredible concert and one you can only appreciate in a small venue as it is lost in anything larger. 

We knew a bunch of people at the show which is always fun to discuss afterward.  If you get a chance to see them, run now because my guess is after the 2 lead singers stop sleeping together, that will be the demise of the group.  Also, the song Home just won't be the same.

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