Fred and I went to Joe's Pub last night to see Goldspot.  I love seeing music at Joe's Pub.   The space is small and if you make a reservation you can get a seat with a small minimum per person.  You can eat or drink.  We sat right near the stage and had a few drinks.

Goldspot just recently came out with their 2nd CD.  I still want to say album.  Fred asked me how I found them.  Honestly, I can't remember.  I stumbled on their music a few years ago and their cd was in serious rotation for quite a while.  The second one has been too.  They sound a little bit like the Beatles meets Portastatic.  Two excellent bands.

You can only find them at because someone else has taken which they reminded us of last night.  The group is out of Los Angeles founded by the lead singer/songwriter Siddhartha Khosla.  I love his voice.

While I was sitting there last night, I was thinking about the beauty of NYC.  Here we are sitting in a tiny club watching fantastic music and how many other events are going on around us in the city.  The city that never sleeps.  God I love New York City.