Our last night in San Juan, we went to Marmalade.  We made a decision earlier to leave a day early.  The weather was going to be bad in NYC and having delays would basically suck.

We went to dinner and left in the morning.  The chef and owner of Marmalade has traveled and cooked far and wide.  Kind of interesting that he ended up in San Juan.

It was Valentines Day.  We had 2 options.  Either a 3 course of 4 course meal not including dessert.  The 3 course was a choice of an appetizer, the signature soup and a main.  The 4 course was a choice of appetizer, a choice from the second course, the signature soup and a main.  No matter which you chose, you were getting the signature soup. 

Fred had a ceviche to start and I went with sliced raw fish.  For the main, we both had fish too.  Fred had the roasted monkfish and I had the cod.  Neither that interesting.  We did both have the signature soup which was delicious.  Maybe that is why it isn't an option not to have the soup. 

White bean soup, pureed and poured over tiny pieces of pancetta with a hint of black truffle oil and thinly sliced scallions over the top.  Delicious.  Rich, creamy, flavorful and loved the tiny nibs of pancetta at the bottom.

Didn't find San Juan to be a culinary delight but as I said, the weather, was perfect.