Spago, Beaver Creek

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I flew out on Wednesday because Jessica is out here with a friend, solo.  Her vacation did not line up with Josh and Emily so I am going for the extended vacation.  The rest of the crew comes on Saturday and Jessica returns to school.

Most nights, if you can actually get dressed again after a full day of skiing, we generally hang home.  But since it was just Jessica and her friend, we went over to Spago for dinner.  Not sure how recently Spago opened here but it was not here last time I was in Beaver Creek.

My expectations were low.  Located at the Ritz Carlton in the Bachelor Gulch area.  The hotel is fantastic and that area is really mellow but I don't really like skiing over there so we never stay in that location. 

Spago is the Ritz's latest restaurant.  Lots of fireplaces.  Pony covered chairs.  Super high end service and a huge wine list.  The food, well, it was absolutely delicious. 

They start you off with a variety of breads and one looks better than the next.  I particularly loved the long crispy pita bread covered with salt and chili powder.  A nice zip.  To start, the kids had sashimi.  I went with the tuna tartare.  3 pieces, like ice cream cones, set in a holder.  Tuna tartare mixed with spicy chili pepper wrapped in a delicate crispy cone.  Light and really good.  The combo of the crunch, the spice, the tuna work and explode in your mouth. 

We all had fish.  A nice sized piece of white fish, crispy skin side up, served in a bowl.  The staff ladles over this a white wine reduction with pieces of mussel, shrimp, clams and bits of chorizo.  That is all served over some couscous which is under the fish.  Light and absolutely perfect.

The kids had dessert and they were beautiful.  Thin cookies, flat, with marshmallows between them served with a very rich chocolate dipping sauce.  Their s'mores.  Also, a gooey chocolate pudding that had hints of banana in it served over roasted chopped bananas.  A total thumbs up.

There is no doubt we will be returning for dinner or lunch over the next week.  What a treat to have a really fantastic restaurant up in Beaver Creek. 

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  1. olivialy

    Sounds great! If you have a chance, check out 8100 Mountainside Bar and Grill at the Park Hyatt. I just attended their dinner at the James Beard House in NYC and the food was great. (posted about it @ I know how hard it is to get dressed after a long day of skiing though! There is nothing better than just cooking and hanging by a fireplace. Have a great trip.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Olivia. I saw your post on that.

  2. chris_robison

    You’ve likely tried it but had a fantastic meal at Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek. You either like or hate the idea of riding up there but the food, atmosphere, and service were impeccable.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Done it many times. There is something enchanting about the whole thing.

  3. skysurfer172

    Love that hotel and that area. Great hiking in the warmer months. Did you guys get a chance to make s’mores outside at the fire pit? I’ve had a couple of cute red foxes come up and say hi on more than one occasion.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Love the s’mores at the fire pit…my absolute favorite.