Organic Avenue

I am definitely not a vegan and I can pretty much say with confidence that I never will be one.  Although yesterday I met with the Organic Avenue to hear about the business.

There are a few small stores through out the city but the main location is at 116 Suffolk Street between Delancey and Rivington.  The store is beautiful.  Big and airy with lots of light.  Here you can buy their food, their drinks and perhaps catch an evening event.  The tag line of Organic Avenue is "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" an original quote from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine (460-370BC). 

I walked in and was early for our meeting.  I happened to be starving and figured I'd try the wares.  I had a seaweed salad with chopped red and yellow peppers mixed with sesame seeds, dandelion salad with pine nuts and golden raisins and a lemonade.  I know there were other things in both the salads but can't exactly recall what they were.  One bite was enough for me.  Not sure my palette is quite ready for the raw vegan food.  The lemonade was fantastic.  They make their own juices.  Cold pressed between 35-45 degrees in jars that are reminiscent of old school milk bottles.  Processed water (he told me how the water is done by extracting the chlorine etc in it but I can't recall), lemon juice, agave, Himalayan sea salt and ginger.  Delicious.

When we sat down he noticed that I had not really eaten my food so he gave me another thing to try.  Lasagna.  Slices of raw zucchini, basil pesto, nut pesto, tomatoes and some type of cheese ( not dairy ).  Different but at least edible from my angle. 

Regardless of what I think of the whole vegan thing, the business is genius.  Organic Avenue is the only company who is doing what they are doing.  Food is made in Long Island City, juices are cold pressed and they are growing.  Had dinner with someone last night who was enjoying steak and wine said she enjoyed Organic Avenue.  So obviously something there.  Even college campuses are providing vegan food for their students. 

Do I plan on doing a flush next week with Organic Avenue.?  Not my thing.  Will I start eating vegan food?  No.  Do I think Organic Avenue is going to become the largest vegan company across the country after meeting with the man behind the brand….absolutely. 

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  1. Michael Rad

    neat, that is super close to me, looking forward to giving it a go

    1. Gotham Gal

      Try the lemonade.