a turning point

Images Fred and I are leaving for Rome out of Newark at around 5 this past
evening.  Josh left for Florida
(basketball camp) at around 3 from Newark earlier in the day.  He lands after we take off.  Jessica and Emily are at the beach with
a hoard of friends.  Sitting in the
airport, waiting for our flight, is a turning point.

It isn’t as if our kids are full blown adults with their own
roofs over their head but the are in that time of their life where they are
more than responsible for themselves yet they still need us.  We are all adjusting to it. 

Jessica is certainly an adult, she is 19 and going in to her
sophomore year of college.  She can
drive, she can take care of herself, she can do her own laundry, she manages
her own money, she has a summer job and she feels completely independent.  Bravo.  Yet, she is realizing that we can be something different to
her as parents.  We aren’t telling
what she can and can’t do but we can give her advice, council, a shoulder to
lean on, a fantastic vacation and a really comfortable bed.  

Emily isn’t quite there yet but she will be soon.  She is navigating her way around the
Hamptons with cabs and friends like no other.  Back in the city this week, by herself, with her
sister taking driving lessons and pounding the pavement.  She has to get on a
plane by herself on Saturday night to get to Rome to meet me.  She has done it a million times but
with us.  No doubt the first time
will be empowering.

Josh was more than capable of going through security,
getting on the plane and I am sure finding the person to take him to camp on
the other end but it is a big deal to do that.  He can get on a subway and go to the ends of Brooklyn too
but both of those things make Fred, more than me, uncomfortable.  Not in a bad way but more about I want
to make sure he is safe. 

Everyone is coming and going all summer long.  I don’t pine for the days when they
were all in camp, together, for 8 weeks, knowing that they were all safe and
together but it was certainly easier. 
They have roots and they have wings.  Might be a little bit worrisome at times but at the end of
the day, it is all part of growing up….unfortunately more for Fred and me than for them.