camp, in the wilson household, is a four letter word

Images-1Note to self:  all good plans are never perfect, shit happens.  Planing this summer was not that difficult but organization was key.  Everyone is coming and going and in the end we all converge together in London.  Josh went off to basketball camp for three weeks.  Camp, at this point, is a four letter word.  I believe history has repeated itself in the Wilson household a few times over.

Josh gets to basketball camp yesterday and freaks.  The camp is seriously hard core.  As always, I am brutally honest and transparent and told the camp about Josh before signing up.  Yet when he called me hysterical while I am in Rome, I called the camp to find out what is happening.  When I told the woman on the other end of the phone that Josh has absolutely no interest in ever playing college ball but was down there to get better at basketball, get into shape and have fun too, there was a slight pause on the other end of the phone.  ARRGGHH!  We told Josh, let's not have a knee jerk reaction here and try and make it through the day.  One day at a time.  Let's wait and see. 

He did. Seven hours of suicides, sit-ups, push-ups, running, throwing up and being screamed at.  His weepy call last night and he said this.  If could stick it out but I can tell you now, I don't enjoy this, I don't care about this, it isn't fun and it isn't who I am.  Well, what do you say to that?  Besides saying to myself, shit, shit, shit, Fred and I decided there was no point in having someone be miserable.  He's going into High School and it isn't like he is 8. 

As Fred put it, I jumped into a phone booth, put on my Gotham Gal cape and got into action.  I changed Josh's flight from the end of three weeks to this morning, I changed his flight to London to Rome today.  He got on a plane this morning in Florida, a car is picking him up, he goes home, changes his luggage around, gets back in the car, grabs his passport and then gets back to a different airport and gets on a flight to Rome.  Actually pretty impressive for a 14 year old kid.  I got another room at the hotel here and in Switzerland ( next destination ) and moved around restaurant reservations as well as dealt with getting a bigger car with Avis ( a joke ).  Then dealt with texting back and forth with Josh a million times to walk him off the edge. 

All is not lost.  He will be attending another summer of Joannes summer camp, part in Europe, part at the beach.  The girls are seriously supportive as they have had their own set of freak-outs over the years.  When Josh called Jessica earlier in the day when he couldn't get me hysterical, I think she learned something too. 

Maybe not the right decision for everyone's family but for us, it was the right one to make.  Good news, once I get my cape on, I can make almost anything happen. 

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