Crow’s Nest

After many stops to say hello to Chef Jeff and not finding him there at the moment, I finally got to the Crow's Nest for dinner.  He is always there for that.  A wonderful menu that makes it very hard to decide what to get.  And the food is delicious.  Simple, flavorful, summery, well-presented, just all around yum. 

Squash blossoms
There were four of us.  We all had a little tastebof each others plates.  Here is the rundown.  Beginning with squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta and basil.  Simple, fresh, crispy and just plain good.  Super hot when they come out so wait a few seconds before jumping in.

Chunks of watermelon mixed together with crunchy pieces of cucumber, mint and a sherry vinegar.  I particularly like the old school plates.

Roasted baby beets with fresh yogurt and a handful of crunchy pumpkin seeds.  I loved this.

Lemon pasta
Homemade lemon pasta with parmigiana and arugula.  A nice summer pasta…and I do love lemon.

Whole fluke that serves two, roasted with a seasoning that gives it a bit of a kick served with smashed crispy roasted potatoes and arugula. 

Moroccan lamb chops served on the side is a local bean salad and a charred eggplant sauce.  Excellent.

Dessert should not be missed.  Olive oil cake.  Moist and flavorful.

Grilled peaches with a touch of rosewater, lavender, a dab of yogurt and a few pistachios on top.  

The coup de grace is the chocolate brioche pudding topped with a ice cream.  Not to be missed.  We have been discussing this for days.  The whole meal could be bad but the chocolate brioche would make up for everything.  The good news is that the meal if excellent too.

Looking over the water in Montauk, with a big bonfire and a circle of chairs before entering the restaurant.  You really feel as if you are not only at the beach but you are on a really nice vacation.

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  1. amandahesser

    Love Chef Jeff! One of my favorite NY characters. (Also, like those wood plates.)

    1. Gotham Gal

      He is quite the character!