weekend wrap-up

I started Friday afternoon schlepping up to 112th and 1st Avenue to watch Josh play soccer.  The good news is I went, the bad news is that they lost and the worst news is that their games are not even remotely located in areas near the school. 

Fred and I walked up to Scarpetta to sit at the bar for dinner.  I had never been.  A few glasses of wine and a mixture of appetizers is all we needed.  Nice vibe in there.  Some of the appetizers were delicious and others were just okay.  Perfect Friday night.

Saturday was a day of walking.  We attempted to check out a few new food spots for lunch but they were not open for lunch or even open yet so that didn't work.  We ended up at Co. in Chelsea.   They do a good job. Second time back.  Escarole salad, two diet cokes and a stracciatella pizza hit the spot. 

We then wandered around the art galleries.  First stop was Margaret Thatcher Projects.  She is such a lovely woman and I have yet to buy from her.  I want to because she has a good eye and just charming.  Her new location is store front on 23rd street so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see what show is up.  I particularly liked this piece from Maria Park. 

Next stop was i-20 Gallery where I bought a piece by Casey Cook on Thursday night.  Fred loved the work too.  Phew!

Stopped into 303 Gallery where there is a Sue Williams exhibit called Al-Qaeda is the CIA.  Didn't love it.

Took a stroll over to Gagosian.  He has created an empire and it is impressive.  This particular artist is Dan Colen.  I loved this piece.  It is huge and the beautiful colors that are stretched across the canvas are made of gum.  Smells like gum too.  Next door was Mary Boone but nothing rocked our boat there.

We strolled back over the Highline which still blows me away every time I walk up there. 

Dinner that night was at Peels.  Great company not such great food. 

Banana bread
Sunday is the norm.  Read the NYTimes cover to cover and complete the crosswords if I didn't on Saturday.  Clean up the desk.  Clean up the bananas.  Baked some banana bread.  Made the trip to Citarella for the pre-week shop and watched football. 

Prepping for Monday morning. 

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  1. atryon

    We must have crossed paths a few times on Saturday between galleries and the highline. I saw a few of the same shows with Scott, but missed Casey so I will have to go back to see her work. Did you see Liao Yibai at Mike Weiss (silver sculptures of commercial goods) or Mel Leipzig at Gallery Henoch (great paintings of artists & architects in their studios)? They were my two favorite discoveries for the day.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I didn’t see those. Will go back….and of course check it out on line.Casey is worth taking a look at.