Cafe O

And another coffee shop opens in the Village.  Joe Jr. which was located on the 12th and Sixth closed a while ago.  It was always depressing walking by and seeing a completely empty place where a neighborhood diner reigned for so many years but low and behold, Cafe O opened this week in its place. 

A super cute coffee shop.  Love the vibe and look.  The stools could be cut down about 3 or more inches but otherwise, I like it. 

Had the Latte Bahia, my way.  A capuccino with six pieces of dark chocolate.  I went with skim milk and narrowed the chocolate down to 3 slices.  It was my coffee partners idea.  I asked her…why is it that Jewish people love to change what is on the menu?  Can I have dressing on the side?  Can they take out the cheese?  Can I not do bread and and put that on greens?  Can I subsitute?  Perhaps it is just comes with our DNA.

Anyway, Cafe O…nice addition to the neighborhood.