ringing in 2011

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I've never loved new years eve.  Its a silly holiday yet events and memories are defined by years.  There has to be a way to look back and look forward. 

Last night Fred and I went out for dinner starting at Jeffreys for a glass of champagne, caviar and oysters and then over to Joseph Leonard for a fantastic meal.  Saw many faces that we see during the year as both of these restaurants have become a place where we frequent ( in total transparency we are investors in both ). 

As the countdown began I was looking around the room and thinking that none of us have any idea of what will happen in the year 2011.  Certainly we can guess about a few things.  I know that Emily will be going to college in 2011 and with her and Jessica in college becoming more independent and adult every day that leaves Josh who will soon be in the same position in himself before we know it. Lots of hope for many of the companies and people we are involved with and we talked about where we hope to see them grow over the next year.  A few trips we have planned already although still playing with who is doing what this summer.  Thinking about turning 50 this year and that milestone and how to celebrate as we should.  Very excited about the Womens Entrepreneur Festival I am involved with in January and how my "career" life has changed so much over the past year alone and where is that taking me.  How do I want my life to look in the next year, two years, three years, five years?  What is life going to look like when Josh goes to college and how we are preparing for that now as we will have more flexibility in our lives. 

These thoughts sum up where we are in our lives.  Yet I never thought I'd lose my Mom in 2010 when we rang in 2010 last January.  That is a show stopper.  Not sure how I am going to feel about a lot of things over the next year yet I am sure that losing my Mom will change things.  Not sure how or what but it will and that I know.  The outpouring of notes and cards has been incredible on so many levels, truly. 

I want to wish a very happy and healthy 2011 to everyone.  Although 2010 changed everything, I do have very good feelings about 2011. 

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