the armory show at the pier

I always enjoy walking through the books at the Armory.  I always forget how overwhelming the experience is.  Art, art, art, art.  It took me a few years but I finally figured out how to navigate the place to make sure I see every booth.  Some booths draw me in while others I just pass by. Here are a few highlights of the pieces that drew me in.

Friends in neon.  Quite expensive but I do like it.  Seasoned artist, Martin Creed at Hauser and Wirth

None of your god damn
None of Your God Damn Business.  Just made me laugh out loud.  Christian Robert-Tinnot, Evergreene Gallery from Geneva.

I liked these pieces and the questions they asked.  I try to ask a million questions when I meet with people so these intrigued me.  Antonio Muntadas.

Don't do
Don't Do.  There were screenprintings that came in a series of 5.  All of them were a little dark and a bit snarky.  Thought this particular one was quite good but unfortunately all sold out.  Untitled, New York.

I have seen this artist before, David Kramer.  I have yet to buy one but I do find them clever. 

I walked around the corner, saw this piece and fell in love.  The piece is called Fred.  The artist is Yuki Onodera at the Yossi Milo Gallery.  A Japanese woman who lives in Paris.  She has created these objects and then covered them with photos of places she has seen and then takes a photo of them.  It took me about 30 seconds to make a decision to buy this.  I can hardly wait to get this in my apartment.

This is geared towards the tech world.  Fia Backstrom at the Murray Guy

Loved this tree house.  A painting.  I went through the artists catalog and all his work is beautiful.  Stefan Wengen, Jiri Svestka Gallery Berlin. 

What can I say, there was something about this I liked.  Jonathan Seliger, Angles Gallery

There was a room that had long photos of trees covering every wall.  Truly beautiful.  The concept marks Thoreaus time in the woods.  Thaddeus Holownia, Corkin Gallery.

This artist, Sebastiaan Bremer takes photos of when he was a child, reproduces them and then paints on top of them.  This is one of a family vacation when they were children in Switzerland.  Hales Gallery London.

Always a last funny line from Sharon Switzer, Corkin Gallery.

Hoping to get to Pulse this weekend.  Absolutely worth taking a stroll through the Armory Show this weekend.  A once a year event that is always worth going to. 


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  1. melissatran

    Your posts are making me fall in love with New York. When I got to the “Fred” pic, I literally gasped “I want that” and in the next instant laughed out loud (because I was so glad) to read that you bought it!I found your blog through, which I stumbled on 2 weeks ago when my husband and I decided to take a leap that will totally change the course of our lives (so dramatic) and go after an idea we are passionate about (so exciting!). We’d like to make a (bigger) difference in the world and think we’ve found a way to start, and are full speed ahead and learning more every day.Can’t remember which link I followed to find my way to Fred but am learning loads. I was immediately drawn by his generosity – only someone who writes gets how disciplined you have to be to deliver value so consistently and concisely, and his openess about what he values. Which is how I found YOU!I was touched beyond commenting to read your post about your Mom, and am so sorry for your loss and so grateful for your sharing. Probably even more so, having spent most of my life in the Balt/DC metro area in a family whose ebbs and flows were determined by my serially entrepreneurial Dad.Today on AVC, I read your amazing interview and subsequent comments and got jazzed on several different levels… especially by the fact that you guys are clearly an example of a husband and wife team who support and have deep respect for each other as individuals and yet partner successfully in so many different ways. My husband and I aspire to that. And I too, need to learn to “stand on the table”.And then there are the Cassidy boys… there is just so MUCH that I’m enjoying here that I wanted to say thank you and I’ll be sticking around.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks so much for the comment….glad to have you part of the community!

  2. andyidsinga

    that treehouse painting is really really FANTASTIC! reminds me of Michael Pollan’s ‘A place of my own’.

    1. Gotham Gal

      do a search on the artist and see the rest of his body of work. reallygreat.

      1. andyidsinga

        found him ( ) – darker than I expected but I’m an instant fan nonetheless.Nice post!

  3. Dkramer5000

    Hi Joanne-I am getting back to you late on this but thanks for your post.All the best David Kramer