last day at coachella 2011

The last day I went all out and got to the grounds around 330 to see Wiz Khalifa who might have been my favorite performance of the day.  I didn't stand in the crowd like Fred, Josh and his friend did.  I sat on the grass in the VIP section with a nice view and a glass of lemonade.  I was quite happy. 

My friend recommended I take pics of the outfits today.  Unfortunately I did not grab many of the outfits that really looked good.  For the women, there are the cut off-short denim shorts with flowy tops, there are the long flowy hippy dresses, lots of floppy hats and fedoras and boots with shorts. The men are wearing lots of tight shorts and pants with crisp tshirts or plaid button down short-sleeve shirts.  I think of the men as wearing the Mad Men look 2011.  There are also some really bad outfits too.  The fashion show is certainly set here.  I am just going to run through some looks and the days events.  Above is two very badly dressed hippy girls. 

Hanging out on the lawn

The plaid shirt

Really bad outfit and this woman is easily in her late 60s.  They must have just let her out of Woodstock.

A young Woodstock prodigy.

The groovy California look.

Two girls waiting for the taco truck. This is some of the standard looks here.

We had some ice cream.  Ice cream is certainly in these days.  Here you pick your ice cream and your cookies to create your own ice cream sandwich.  They were running low on supplies so creamsickle ice cream and red velvet cookies didn't exactly mix.

This is one of those moments you have to wonder if she looked in the mirror before leaving the house.

I like this.  The open back dress with the boots and the tattoo on her back.

Kogi truck was there daily.  Here is their short rib burrito.  Pretty damn good.

Boots and a short skirt

More boots and shorts

Tats and floppy hat
Tattoo central but you get the idea of the floppy hat.  It is the resurrection of the Carly Simon look. 

Lots of converse sneakers

Once again I made my way to the very front to watch the last two bands.  Honestly at 5'3" if I am not front row hanging over the fence, I can't see a damn thing.  My knees are still killing me from standing for so long.  Here are the Strokes.  I have seen them many times and my first time might have been the best.  A true NYC band, gritty and loud and they always come drunk to the party.

Kayne higher
Kanye came in singing "can we get much higher" as he flew in over the crowds.

Kayne 1
He gave quite a show with a large floor for him to dance on with ballerinas and a few other goodies.  He is really quite the man, what else can I say. 

We walked back after the long night, hopped the fence with our ladder still intact on the other side and back to the house to sleep for just a few hours before catching our flights back to NYC.  Coachella is an impressive music festival. 


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  1. kenberger

    looking fwd to your Burning Man fashion coverage one day.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Not sure that will be happening in my lifetime. LOL

  2. nithyadas

    this gave me a good laugh as did the picture: “This is one of those moments you have to wonder if she looked in the mirror before leaving the house.”

  3. Tereza

    Wow, those shorts looked like they were painted on…and then she grew. Honestly, now.

    1. Gotham Gal

      a huge HONESTLY NOW

  4. artyowza

    Oh, you’ve made me laugh.More photos please!