One Arm, Tennessee Williams

Onearm11news My friend and I have been going to see the plays at the New Group for the past two years.  Always a nice evening and I love that we block out a few nights a year to do this together. 

Currently, the play is One Arm, an un-produced Tennessee Williams play.  The play runs an hour an 20 with no intermission which is always a bonus. 

The entire play takes place on one set that moves according to the scene.  Really well done.  There is a narrator who has an incredibly soothing voice so that just as you start to drift, he pulls you back in.  The play is incredibly depressing. 

It is a story of a young boxer from Arkansas who loses his arm in an accident.  It is the 1960's.  His ability to get a job or do anything with his life after losing his arm just goes down hill.  He becomes a hustler and over the course of a few years travels throughout the country meeting many men, hustling, to feed and drink himself eventually finding himself in jail for murder.  A story of human despair and loneliness.  A life gone wrong.

The acting is pretty amazing.  The main character, Ollie, goes through a series of emotions through out the play.  There is also something disconnected about him, like the character he is playing. 

Not sure I'd run out to get tickets but it is just another event happening around NYC until July 2nd.