I am thrilled to announce that I am participating in the first round of capital to  I had the pleasure of working with Caren Maio and her team ( who I love ) at Techstars.  I honestly liked them the first time we talked.  After all, the team comes first.  Of course, I like the business too. enables people who are searching for apartment rentals to make their life easier with lists, comments, sharing, and other features.  After all the tag line is, making it easier to find a place to live. You can do it on the web or you can to it on your mobile.  The user interface is clean and simple.  Starting out in NYC in the rental market and rolling out to other markets soon.  Yet the simplicity of the product can be used for a variety of things down the line from buying homes, creating simple lists just by dropping in the link on sofas, to pots and pans, to paint colors. Anything to do with the home….aka,

Looking forward to working with in the months go come.



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  1. Christine

    Wow.  Joanne, with a daughter soon to be looking for an apartment in NYC, this sounds like a great idea. Christine

    1. Gotham Gal

      definitely use it!