Labor Day breather

Images-2 I am going to take a rest on Labor Day and resume the Woman Entrepreneur Mondays next week.  As Labor Day is a day to celebrate the economic and social contributions of the working person, I am going to go with it that and continue with how I plan on spending the day.

Today I am in the second day of re-organizing myself for the beginnings of Fall.  I still think of the beginnings of Fall, in essence the first day of school, like the start of a new year.  So far I have cleaned every drawer in my office, the pantry and put together my new office. Today I am working towards the rest of the kitchen and my closet.  There is nothing quite like purging and organizing.  It will complete my cathartic summer on a high note. 

I have a bunch of fantastic women in the pipeline for Mondays.  I am almost ready to go back to work….just one more day.