Walk thru Chelsea

I love walking up the Highline en route to Chelsea.  We got our fix of art in this afternoon at a few of the galleries around Chelsea. 

Our first stop was Harris-Lieberman gallery that has a video installation up.  A variety of men on the reel asking questions such as…have you ever smoked pot, have you ever punched someone, have you ever cheated on your lover, etc.  It was actually quite cool.  The next stop was N. Dash At Nicole Klagsbrun and although when I read about artist I was intriqued by the work, it did absolutely nothing for me.  It is called Commuter Works.  The works on paper were all doe between the artists commute home and her studio.  Folded and refolding pieces of work (top left).

We then walked down to Gaggosian.  Gaggosian has become more like a museum than a gallery which is impressive that he has been able to build that type of empire.  Richard Sera is the artist right now at his 24th street gallery.  I am a huge fan.  Those extraordinary overpowering pieces of steel that are manipulated to create a maze are just so cool.  The little kids in the gallery were loving it.

Mary Boone is literally next door with a show of Nick Caves work.  Where The Wild Things are on crack.  Pretty wild stuff. 

We strolled down 9th and walked into Jim Kempner Fine Art.  He carries an array of big names.  This piece is what pulled me in.  I saw this artist, Carol Fuereman a few years back and wanted to buy a piece but never did.  This one is huge.  I am just totally drawn to it. 

Last street we hit up was 21st Street.  Matthew Barney at Barbara Gladstone.  Didn't do it for me.  I felt very pedestrian walking through there.  Large industrial type sculptures on the floor and small framed pieces on the wall.  Not sure what the connection was although this exhibit has been given high kudos.  I guess that is what makes horse races. 

Lpeter vunch
Last was Peter Funch at VI Gallery.  I liked these.  Photographs of NY streetscapes that have been photoshopped into one photo.  He took pictures of the same location of people doing the same thing and then put all those people into the picture that is represented here.  For instance, all these people are talking on the phone, there is another where everyone is yawning and another where everyone is wearing hats and another where everyone is smoking.  Very clever.

We walked home along the HIghline and at the end back on the street was a Yogo truck.  It is ridiculously sticky and humid here and a vanilla yogurt to split just sounded right. 

Then caught a pop-up gallery on the corner with an installation of mirrors by Moza Saracho. 

We had enough.  We should really do this more often. 

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  1. Andy Ellis

    I really like the idea of those photoshopped streetscapes from VI Gallery, the concept reminds me of the various series painted by Monet (http://goo.gl/ZeBHD).  The notion of representing one place in different ways over various pieces brings art to a higher level of life for me. Very cool.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Agree. Many photos taken at the same location and then mixed together. Makes u wonder