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I am a big believer that every woman should be an entrepreneur.  There are many businesses out there being funded and certainly some of them might have billion dollar market caps while others only have $50 million market caps but the economy needs them both.  We also need smaller entrepreneurs that bootstrap their companies to become maybe $5 million businesses that I refer to as life style businesses.  Those businesses fund their personal lives and many others without investors.  I am a huge fan of that model although it doesn't benefit me as an angel investor it makes me happy to see women creating businesses that they love doing every day and affect the economy at the same time.  We are returning to our roots where there was a local store, a cobbler and perhaps a jeweler but now you can have those local businesses and create a niche community across the globe.  That is pretty powerful. 

I had the pleasure of meeting with Emily Dubner this past week who is the entrepreneur behind Baking For Good.  Her business encompasses every aspect of the life style business I am talking about and Emily has layered a powerful social good piece to her business that resonates with most women. 

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Here is what I love about Baking For Good.  Emily boot strapped this business with her own hard saved money.  She created a website that looks good and works.  15% of the proceeds from every treat you buy goes to the non-profit of your choice and you have about 200 to choose from on the Baking For Goods website.  I love the tagline on her card…a little bit of sugar goes a long way.  The packaging, branding and total product looks and feels beautiful.  The business can easily scale doing more parties and weddings, corporate events or just gifts.  The treats are absolutely delicious.  Best part is that Emily is growing the business with her own money, hard work and brain power. 

My advice to her when we met is don't take anyones money.  Continue to do what you are doing.  If you need a short term loan because your business explodes one day and there are 400 orders online in a day then see if you can borrow some money from your parents.  You will quickly pay them back because the turn around time is quick. 

I highly recommend Baking For Good for some gifts this holiday season.  Who can resist a chocolate chip brownie where 15% of the proceeds to go a non-profit organzation. 

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  1. Rohan

    Brilliant. Echoes of the chat we had. :)And how come there is no celebration of censorship here? 

  2. Rue Nyangulu-Mungofa

    Another inspiring sotry! Interestingly this is the second ‘baking for good’ story I have heard today. There is a group of amazing young women in Nigera doing amazing work through their love for baking! You can see more about them here: a beautiful story about how a group of girlfriends who loved to bake turned their passion into a worthy cause.Rue

    1. Gotham Gal

      Eating sweets and giving back is a win win. Will watch the video

  3. Helenerosenthal

    i love this, just ordered something.

  4. Jill

    Joanne, I’ve met Emily before as well.  I like how she uses various bakeries to do all of the baking.  Smart to have others do the work, this way she doesn’t have the cost of renting space and/or staffing employees to do the baking.  Plus this way she can have a larger selection of offerings.

  5. gsilberman

    love this…thanks so much for letting me know about it…I am definitely going to put this on my list of places to order holiday gifts from !!! 

    1. Gotham Gal