The Good Fork

Before going to the Cacao Prietro party on Friday night we had dinner at the Good Fork.  Many of the restaurants that I have been to in Brooklyn are wonderful local joints but not so sure I'd go out of my way for it unless I happened to be in that neighborhood.  The Good Fork has this warm inviting vibe and seriously good food so much so that I might just come back for no reason but to have dinner again.  Impressive. 

The menu changes monthly.  Fred and I were running late and they moved our friends from a table of four to a table of two because we didn't think we'd make it.  Ends up we made it and they couldn't have been nicer in attempting to accommodate us.  We smushed in and right before the main courses came we snagged the table next to us.  Worked out well and everyone at the restaurant couldn't have been nicer about it.  What a pleasure. 

Our friends had ordered their dinner already so Fred and I just jumped in with our mains and shared their appetizers.  These are homemade dumplings filled with ground pork and chives.  Really well done.  A perfectly balanced dumpling. 

Simple green salad with a nice white balsamic vinaigrette which is a nice touch.  Good dressing.

For the main course one of us have the "steak and eggs" korean style.  Grilled skirt steak over a kimchee rice topped with a sunny side up egg.  Wow.  The steak was fantastic with kick from the miso ginger sauce that pulled the whole thing together. Clever. 

Roasted farm chicken over mashed potatoes, glazed cipollini onions and a black bean sauce.  I liked the combination of flavors.  You don't think about black bean sauce when you see roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. 

Pan-seared cod with squid, roasted eggplant, swiss chard with an almond romesco sauce and lotus root chips.  Really interesting again.  Someone in the kitchen is creative.

I had the Pekin duck breast.  Sliced duck breast served with a french lentil salad, duck confit, a roasted fig, grilled scallion with a port wine sauce.  I am a big fan of the Asian/French cuisine.  This is exactly what this was.  Duck was perfect. 

We had to have a side of onion rings seeing them on someone elses plate.  They aren't as browned as I like them but didn't make a difference.  Really perfectly cooked.

The other side were shrimp scallion pancakes.  Not great and so good.  Someone declared that they were the best scallion pancakes that they had ever had.  That is high praises from this crew.

Loved the Good Fork.  Will definitely return and attempt to lighten up the pictures next time. 

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  1. Rohan

    You do have it good with the food. 😀