Azul Condessa

Azul Condessa and Azul Y Oro are two restaurants of the same.  The chef, Richard Munoz Zurita started with Azul Y Oro that was located inside the Universite.  He then opened Azul Condessa with the same menu yet in a different location with longer hours.  I would have loved to go to the original for lunch but it wasn't in the cards.

The menu is divided into a few categories.  Specialties of the house, what is on the menu and a monthly festival menu.  The festival menu last night was stuffed chiles.  Lots of vegetarian options.  Just a really Mexican food with the right balance of spices. 

I had a tequila to start.  Maestro Reposada.  So good and smooth.  We split a few appetizers.  Squash blossom tamale in a red sauce and a few dots of goat cheese.  There was an amazing red spicy sauce on the table if you wanted to heat up the dish.  The tamale was almost thick like a meatball.  Really interesting flavors.

The ceviche was a combination of seafood in a liquidy avocado sauce.

Excellent guacamole and the chips were probably made about 10 minutes before they served them to us.

For a main I had the pulled pork.  A tad spicy and lots of flavor served with blue tortillas, black beans and of course salsa.  Delicious.  A speciality of the house.

The fish was beautifully served.  Roasted white fish with a nice spicy sauce on top almost like tamarind, sliced avocados over the top and fresh chopped salsa. 

Just really well done food.  I felt like we were eating at someones home who just was a super good cook.  Worth going to.