Womens Entrepreneur Festival 2012

After an incredible day, I am exhausted.  I am taking the day off of blogging today but will recap the event yesterday tomorrow….

I will post the last few wonderful words of the festival from the amazing Red Burns.  I am a huge fan of hers.

Appolinaire said:

"come to the edge"

"it's too high"

"come to the edge"

"we might fall"

"come to the edge"

And he pushed them, and they flew. 

Everyone at the festival yesterday was flying high. 



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  1. Guest

    It was a great day. When I was leaving a lot of people were saying how inspired they were. Nancy said with a concerning look that she hoped it was informational as well. It was definitely both. I had dinner with a few girls after and they were all chatting about what they were going to start building. Thanks again GG for putting awesome panels together to inspire and inform. Rest well!

    1. Gotham Gal

      love to hear this.

  2. Sunchowder

    It was fabulous!!!  Brilliant panels, candid, informative, vulnerable and honest communication, I couldn’t have asked for more.  I met so many incredible women, I am still digesting.  Red Burns brought tears to my eyes, I really did not want to come home yet.  I cannot thank you enough for every way that you have touched my life Joanne, I am already looking forward to next year 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      It was a treat to meet you in person

      1. Sunchowder

        Same for me.  I can’ t wait to make some memories with you and laugh our heads off 🙂  Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. Tereza

    This actually makes me tear up.A truly fantastic event, Joanne. Honored to be a part of it and get to mix with such an impressive, warm, amazing group of women. My favorite of the year.

    1. Gotham Gal