Affordable Art Fair and more

The first Affordable Art Fair that I went to was easily 8 years ago.  It took place at the Pier.  The show has changed locations but is now an event that takes place across the globe.  The concept is of course being that everyone can own art made by real artists. 

Certainly the web is changing the art world too.  The opportunity to buy prints as well as limited editions from top artists are sold at 20 X 200, Art Space, Artstar and Exhibition A.  You can even rent art for your walls from Artiscle.  Access to art is available at an entirely different level.  There is where you can discover fine art and through them get connected to the gallery.  There are also Art Fair sites that are launched around specific fairs where you can buy on line prior to the event, during the event and after the event. It is pretty amazing that you can see, discover and educate yourself about art while sitting on your couch watching your computer.

The fair this past weekend, on a beautiful day in NYC, was packed.  75 galleries from everywhere including a heavy presence from Australia.  What I noticed the second I walked in was not only was the place packed that there was alot of purchases being made.  People were walking out with their purchases, pieces were being wrapped…commerce was everywhere. 

So what does that say?  Does it say that more people are buying art, probably.  What it said to me is that the economy in NYC is spreading its wings and that is a very good thing.  Is Bloomberg still thinking about running for President?

Here is the highlights, at least for me. 

These structures are shaped like pills.  The first one is called fucking like bunnies.

The artist, Cecile Plaisance, had Barbie ( always with very little clothes on ) in all of her work.

I had seen these photographs when I was in Mexico City.  An artist from Mexico City captures photographs of people who have come to NYC, dressed up as superheroes, as they go about their daily life and all of them send money home and work several jobs.  The artist is Dulce Pinzon.

I liked this.  LIttle toy soldiers shaped into a heart.  Dinah Dufton, love not war.

Got a kick out of the bird paintings.  All of them were speaking to each other with lingo that we use now.  Mike Chavez

I keep looking for a deer head.  Not sure this is it.  Rachel Denny.

I went down to the lower east side to meet with Rick of Ricks Picks.  I strolled into Hole Gallery to take a look at what they had going on.  Paintings from Nick Mead.

Most of the gallery was taken over by the artist who had turned the gallery into a garden.  E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler.  I liked the garden more than the photos. 

Nice day. 

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  1. Adrian Sanders

    I love the concept of the affordable art fair, I just wish they wouldn’t call it that :). For me, at least, collecting art is first about supporting the work itself (this thing is so cool, it deserves to exist, I will buy it) but then it’s also about discovering emerging artists early in their careers.’Affordable’ kinda pigeonholes these galleries and artists as fringe which I think is limiting.I love what they’ve done in Paris with Chic Art Fair and Slick Art Fair where the emphasis is strongly on emerging talent and galleries, but mixed in are some veteran groups with established track records.

    1. Gotham Gal

      agreed. must better names. it is all about branding.

      1. Walker

        Is it all abut branding? I thought branding was a tool to promote a product or service – the underlying quality and utility of what’s being branded is what it’s primarily all about in the long run, no?

        1. Gotham Gal

          it is in the long run but if you put a good name on it the brand is more powerful

  2. CCjudy

    I like Toy Soldiers prob cause I collect miniatures. It reminds me of something at SF jewish museum exhibit on Trees and jewish life – its a large piece on the ground in a circle with tiny trees.judy

    1. Gotham Gal

      It was my fave piece there