Center for Hearing and Communication

We went to the Center for Hearing and Communication event this past week.  This is our 10th year going.  It is a great organization doing really good
things so we continue to go and support their efforts because this is an
organization that has been near and dear to our very good friends.  That is why most of us support non-profit
organizations.  There is a community of
people behind it that connect to their friends and family to support.

Years past were held at comedy clubs and then they shifted
to Pier 60 as they grew.  The event has
remained the same every single year since then. 
A variety of restaurants that have a table and put out tiny plates for
all the patrons to taste including vineyards. 
It is literally impossible to find a glass of water.  Then the night ends with an auction where
there are tables and dessert is served. 
Some video is shown and someone is honored and they get to speak.

It is time for these events to be shaken up.  This event, although a great cause, will
continue to get the support every year from the same supporters and maybe a few
new ones but the event isn’t fun or exciting. 
It doesn’t make me want to come back next year.  This is why I end up sending a check to most
friends’ events.

With that being said, I certainly emailed all my friends
about the Hot Bread Kitchen event taking place on November 8th as
giving to every friend’s organization, like politics, is a bit of a quid pro
quo.  I do truly believe that the event
HBK is having is different and will prove to be a fun night.  At least I hope so and more important I am
looking forward to HBK to grow into a sustainable organization, or sustainable
enough so like MOUSE we only need to do these events every 5 years or so.  It keeps the donors more excited and the
events actually worth going to. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Wavelengths

    I wonder if the current format has something to do with the restauranteurs donating food to the event in exchange for publicity.As a foodie, I think of a food experience as something that has continuity, like a piece of music. Little ragtag flavors may be in fact marvelous, but without a context they may suffer, and not even show the chefs in a fair light. I wonder if the financial levers that the organizers use point toward this sort of event which is less than satisfactory for those who show up.Is there a way to encourage the organizers to offer greater benefit to one chef (for example) with lots of PR, in exchange for something that is far more satisfying to those who choose to travel the distance and forego their own dinners to do this thing?I know what you mean when you turn your dinner choices over to someone who knows the chef and who can validate that you will have a great experience if you accept the chef’s choices. I have had amazing meals of dishes that I could never pronounce or replicate because I place my trust in the right expert.In the environment you describe, it’s almost like grabbing snacks off a display at the gas station. (Sorry, not that bad, but just about that disjoint.)Just thinking. Maybe you can encourage people to be more creative. Meanwhile, thinking of you and everyone in the path of the megastorm. Please stay calm, whatever happens. Calm can cover a lot of missing pieces. And when everyone around you knows you are calm, they will stay calm and let you have time to think to fill in the details.,WIth affection for you and your tribe. And concern as the winds blow.

    1. Gotham Gal

      these events where chefs/restaurants get a table to highlight their wares is something that has been done for at least the last 8 years at events. it is the event planners that create the environment. i am ready for change!we are hunkering down…and watching the winds blow and the rain pick up. should be an interesting day..

  2. John Fazzolari

    Great to hear that you and Fred attend the feast every year! Hearing loss can often be the “invisible disability” that can severely impact relationships on both a business and personal level. If I had not received a CI two years ago I probably would have never left my “safe” full time job for entrepreneurship As a CI user who gradually lost my hearing through the years it is important to me that this event is re-invented in the future. This year was the first time I attended but I’m part of a newly formed group of young adults within CHC and will present your feedback to the group and event planners! I’m sure we can think of plenty of ways to innovate and keep the event exciting in years to come.

    1. Gotham Gal

      They are such an incredibly important organization. Their outreach, their hard work makes such a difference. They seriously need to shake that event up.

  3. Wavelengths

    Thinking about you all, and all the AVC family in the storm’s path. Hope you are snug and safe.