Jason Calacanis Show..and me

When Jason was in town he interviewed me for his show.  I have known Jason a long time.  I was his first hire when he began Silicon Alley Reporter.  I freelanced for Jason doing all his sales and eventually building out a sales force.  It essentially was the key to building his business.  It was a crazy time.  The Internet was just taking off.   It was fun to catch up and reminisce. 



Comments (Archived):

  1. Suzan B

    Whoa. Fantastic interview dense with powerful information. Thanks for sharing Joanne!

  2. SallyBroom

    This is great! Love the points around business evolution, scrappiness and building a varied investor team, totally agree on that. And you should really do more GG videos! (Maybe reinstate the Wilson family podcast too;)The video then audio started playing up around the half way point, not sure if anyone else found that?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Sally. I noticed it too

  3. Conrad Ross Schulman

    “lean and mean machines” by Joanne Wilson! :)Couldn’t agree more with this. The goal should be to keep a low overhead with a small but very powerful team.Great interview- very wise words thank you