Iacono Farm

This last week of August is just an eating festival.  The farm stands are loaded with the most amazing vegetables and fruit.  The farmers market is a tomato festival.  I have to seriously hold myself back from not buying insane amounts of food.  Although next week I am definitely plunging into a day of tomato canning. 

There is really nothing else like a chicken straight from the farm.  With the fresh veggies, a fresh chicken is key too.  I reserved two chickens for the day from Iacono Farms.  The place is classic.  The woman who runs the front end is one of the farmers with her husband and family.  She still uses a paperbag to write down all the prices of the items you buy and then just added them up.  Aka, no calculator and just cash. 

Always fresh eggs to buy.  Their bbq sauce is pretty killer too. 

Here is a peek at the backroom.

Definitely one of my favorite places out here. 

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  1. Farm Walker

    In October they sell 30 lbs bags of dried chicken manure for $5 per bag. I buy ten each year for my vegetable garden, apply it in the fall and let ii winter over. Chicken shit is good stuff.

    1. Gotham Gal

      wow. that is wild!