Kiin Kiin

I remember from the last time we were in Copenhagen that after awhile we were craving something besides the standard fare so I made a reservation at Kiin Kiin.  I took a few of Emily's friends out with us for the evening.  I was expecting a casual meal with some pad even though I knew the restaurant had one Michelin star.  It did not really occur to me that the place would be so fancy.  Emily told me it is the only one star Thai restaurant in the world.  It was quite a meal.

There are no decisions to be made.  They bring you the menu for the night.  The only decision that we had to make is if we wanted a wine pairing with our meal.  We decided to go for it as why make any decisions at this point.  Before we began with any wine they started us off with a simple green tea just to cleanse our mouths.

A group of different starters came out for us before the meal even began.  Just small tastes to be inspired by.  Dried lotus root with black salt. 

Soy meringue cookies with cashews set inside them.  Melts in your mouth.

Crackers with chili tapiocia shrimptoast
Crispy shrimp toast crackers to be dipped in a chili tapioca cream.

Crunchy yet thick cones stuffed with peanuts, vegetables and a kick of spice.  It was like eating a vegetable dumpling with a different case. 

Frozenredcurry with crab
Frozen chili paste over a crab salad.  The super cold with the room temperature was an interesting combo. 

Wonton coriander breads coated with sesame seeds

Grilled baby octopus covered with cilantro.

Crispy chicken skin with a chili paste.

These sausages came out with a glass top over it covered with smoke.  The idea was to smell the aroma that you would if you were walking down the streets of Chiang Mai.  Once the smoke cleared there were sausages stuffed with pork cracklings.

The meal then began.  Tom Yom Soup.  This came in three parts.  There was the ginger seafood broth.  Super intense.  There was a tempura green bean and scallop served over a sauce.

Then there was a prawn dumpling.  Each to be eaten separtely instead of putting it all in the soup.  This was served with a Gruner Veltliner Kamptal from Austria.

Crispy fish with a tamarind lemongrass sauce.  Very clean tasting.  I also liked how small the portions were.  This was served with a Riesling from Peter Laurere Mosel.

Lamb with puffed rice, mint and foie gras.  Each piece was served inside a clean piece of bone.  Served with a Gewurztraminer from Zind Humbretcht Alsace.

This was really good.  Kiin Kiin Egg with mushrooms and holy basil.  The egg was filled with a soft boiled eggs and roasted mushrooms.  Served with a Gamay Beaujolais

This was the main course so it gives you an idea how small each portion was.  It was the wine that killed us.  Sesame glazed ribs that fall off the bone roaste with a 5 spice sauerkraut.  Served alongside was one piece of grilled cauliflower on top of a cauliflowre puree.  Served with a Petite Shiraz from Paso Robles California.

Last was dessert.  Pineapple and lychee kumquats with sesame and fluffy lime.  Served with a Domaine Cauhape from Jurancon France.

What an experience.  Much more than any of us bargained for but it was really nice hanging with Em's friends and hearing about their experiences.  We certainly stood out as the chef came out a few times to talk to us.  It really was fun.

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  1. Magnus

    “It was the wine that killed us.”That is so fitting (and my only minor complain) for my visit to Kiin Kiin. At the same time the setting was also quite hilarious as my whole family was quite tipsy, and while being at this fancy restaurant we began to act more and more silly.Hehe, I am glad you had a nice experience though.

  2. pointsnfigures

    Arun’s in Chicago. Don’t miss it. Amazing. No menu. Different every time you do. It’s out of the way, not in a major neighborhood.

    1. Brandon Burns

      Can’t believe I hasn’t heard of this. I will for sure have to try it when I’m home for the holidays!

  3. Brandon Burns

    This brought back memories of when I was in school in Paris, and my mom would come and take out me and my friends to a nice meal (instead of the usual kebab or crepe which, really, wasn’t all that bad). Those were great days…