Last day of Summer

Summer is winding up today.  To me, Labor Day is the last day of the year and September is the beginning of something new.  Summer has been and will always be a big time for reflection. 

I was a bit of a hermit this summer.  Sticking mostly to my house and family.  I realized I could easily have run an inn.  I love being a host and puttering around the kitchen, making the meals and serving them up.  There is something very zen and rewarding about that.  Happy to be moving out of that mode for now but I do enjoy it. 

I am thinking a lot about what I have accomplished over the past decade and where do I go from here.  These thoughts are going to carry with me pretty heavily over the next year.  There is just a lot of stuff rattling around my brain. 

Starting to plan the Womens Entrepreneur Festival that will take place on January 14/15th.  Starting to wrap up a household project.  Starting to dive a little deeper into new investments.  Taking a few trips this fall.  All good.

I am ready for summer to end.  Ready for a change of scenery.  Not as ready to jump in as I have been in years past but change is always good.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Susan Rubinsky

    I don’t mark the end of summer until the autumnal equinox. And I will still wear white pants until then too! Every year, I go away by myself for a week in mid-September to reflect on my personal and professional life and to define or refine goals. Usually I go to the Cape and do a lot of cycling, swimming, and reading books on the beach. I started doing this the year I got divorced. That was over a decade ago and I find it’s now become a really important time for me. The plans for many of my best ideas typically get solidified during this time.

    1. Gotham Gal

      i find those plans or thoughts come out later. when they do there is the aha moment about when i started thinking about them.

      1. Susan Rubinsky

        I absolutely love the “ah-ha” moments! And, true they come to you at odd moments.

  2. Bonny P McClain

    I am using a conference (Tableau Business Analytics in DC) to transition back to my work life–not as many palpable benchmarks when you run your own business and have the freedom to work from wherever you are…