911 Memorial

We have watched the 911 Memorial and the Freedom Tower arise from the ground on a daily basis.  From where we live we have been able to slowly watch the progress.  What is the most amazing thing is how it has taken 12 years for it to open and it is still not complete.  The Empire State Building was built in 18 months before the advent of the technology we use today.  The time, the energy, the lawyers, the groups, the families, the whole entire thing is in many ways a definition of our times.  It pains me to think how many people made money on this terrible tragedy. 

My sister-in-law got tickets for us to view the memorial.  I am going to assume that once the museum is up and the buildings are complete that the memorial will be completely open for anyone to walk by at any time of day or night.  It seems to look like that will happen based on the beautiful park surrounding the memorial.

The memorial is amazing.  A sunken water fall that marks the outline of where the buildings stood.  It is mesmerizing to stand there, watch and listen to the water.  Standing in the middle of all the tall buildings is powerful too.

Each name is etched into the surrounding structure.  The letters must be deep because people can put flowers in them.  Really a nice way for families to be able to leave something for their loved ones. 

It was probably the coldest day of the year that we went there but so worth it.  The security is tight and the line moves pretty quickly.  It is shockingly efficient.  I highly recommend getting on the site and signing up to reserve a time to go and see the memorial.  It is really a beautiful tribute to the men and women who lost their lives in a pointless act of terrorism.

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  1. awaldstein

    In New York, space is the most precious currency.The ampleness of fountains, built on the foundations of the towers themselves is a testament to the depth of memory of the events.Brilliant design.Truly unimaginable that this still a construction site after a decade.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is truly amazing that there is still construction. agree with you that space is the most precious currency. it is remarkable that the memorial takes over the entire footprint of the building that once stood.

  2. pointsnfigures

    Glad there is a memorial. I went to the site back in 2004. Memorials of nation changing events are good for us. I have been to Pearl Harbor, and suggest everyone go. I need to go to Gettysburg. Sorry it took so long to build but I think GG elegantly says why in one sentence. Everything has become so politicized these days. On that day, when terrorists struck, I don’t think anyone cared a whit about anything except surviving. Bless them all and we are a better place for having a space like this.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it is really beautiful.

  3. OzziePDX

    Don’t know if you noticed, but the flower is in the name of Todd Beamer, the passenger who said “Let’s Roll” and brought down the flight over Pennsylvania.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I did not. Wow. Thanks for pointing that out