Kitchensurfing and Food52/Provisions

I love portfolio synergy!  

This weekend Kitchensurfing and Food52/Provisions have collaborated together on a pop-up on the Bowery. Located at 168 Bowery on the corner of Kenmare.  It is right on the corner with big glass windows.

There is a wonderful kitchen where Kitchensurfing chefs will be putting out amazing food throughout the weekend.

All the products that you find on Provisions will be there to see.  There are a variety of sections.  Pantry.

Mixings for the right cocktail. 

and more.

When I was there to kick off the event I got a goodie bag to go.  One of the items in it was a eco-friendly sandwich wrapper.  Instead of sending your kids off to school every day with a new plastic baggie or something wrapped in tin foil, this can be used every day and the truth is that it holds the sandwich in place better.  I am sorry I did not take a picture but it is super cool.  I most definitely would have used these when my kids were younger.  

Here is the best part of this pop-up shop.  You can taste the chefs wares, you can buy goodies to go and you can also buy them online when you are there and have them delivered to your door.  The other good thing is once you experience both companies you will be able to connect with them 24/7 because although this is a pop-up brick and mortar shop, these sites are live all the time and happy to connect with their customers.

Happy Holiday shopping and eating!