He has his issues as all Presidents do.  I still like what he is about and what he believes in.  He has two kids that is obviously very close to and he is thinking about their future.  You see it in his policiies. Unfortunately very few in the government think about the future because they are focused on keeping their job year after year.  To me, it is one of most distrubing parts of government and I am not entirely clear how we change that.  

Bottom line this is my favorite pic of the week.  He is our President but he seems to me like a geniune guy who rose to the top of his game.   He is awesome and his wife is beyond bold.  Right up my alley.  

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  1. Susan Rubinsky

    I love Michelle too! And this is a great photo. Look at that kid with the glasses smiling 🙂

  2. CCjudy

    I like who you support… J

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. pixiedust8

    Did the kid fall asleep? Hilarious. I think he’s doing the best he can in the face of a VERY divided nation, and yes–love his wife.

    1. Gotham Gal

      yep the kid fell asleep. so funny.

  4. JLM

    .I will take the under on this subject.Barack Obama is the most woefully inept and unprepared President in the history of our Nation. If he were a startup CEO or a SMB CEO, his Board would have long since fired him.His personal integrity is non-existent and his record of lying to the American people on matters big and small is breathtaking. He is an accomplished and natural liar.His signature legislation, OBAMAcare, has been a disaster as has almost any endeavor which requires vision, leadership, management or competence. He has violated the Constitution repeatedly trying to cobble together some pathetic remnant of this program which might work. His wholesale changes are an admission of the inadequacy of his work product. It failed to launch and is a colossal failure insuring 4MM of a total of 48MM uninsured at a catastrophic cost. Only bayoneting the wounded remains to be able to take this program’s final measure of failure.The people he has selected to do important jobs are an embarrassment and he fails to maintain any reasonable standard of accountability. How Sec Sebelius continues in her job is an example of his ineptness. Appointing a buck sergeant to run the Pentagon is the equivalent of hiring an irrigation contractor to run the Mayo Clinic.He has endangered the world with an incoherent foreign policy which has emboldened our enemies and has left the Middle East in flames and Russia on a resurgent march. His foreign policy has cost countless lives and will endanger American strategic interests for decades.His naive approach to Russia is truly alarming. His failure to appreciate the hegemony of the Russians is painful to watch.His energy policy is naive, obstructive and a failure. The Middle East and the situation in the Ukraine are tied to this inarticulate policy and yet he takes public credit for the oil booms in places like Texas and the Dakotas. He cannot even articulate the American policy on natural gas and he is unable to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline after six years of deliberations.His stewardship of the economy has resulted in chronic unemployment, anemic growth, rising taxes and a reduction in average household income of over $7K per household. The new norm has now become an outcome that puts the US on a collision course with bankruptcy.Only in an Obama regime could balanced budgets, deficit reduction, controlling the welfare state, managing the national debt and the reduction of fraud and waste be considered “extreme” and “radical” positions in spite of the fact that every states faces such mandates.OBAMAcare and energy policy combine to “tax” American families beyond their ability to absorb such increases while having to embrace the realities of a declining income.Having promised entitlement reform in return for revenue increases — taxes — he has failed to even speak the words and has routinely appointed sham special commissions (Simpson-Bowles Commission) and then failed to even acknowledge their recommendations.He has failed to project leadership of any kind and what he has done has been weighed and measured by our allies and enemies alike and been labelled “weak”, “ineffective” and has attracted aggression which has costs lives now and will cost more in the future. The Russians are committed to testing this President and NATO. We will not fight for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the Russians know that. No amount of bluster is going to placate the Russian bear.He has allowed the Iranians to tip toe into the nuclear club awarding mad men with nuclear weapons while castigating Israel. The new relationship with the Russians dooms any notion that the Iranians will not get a bomb. Israel will not sit idly by.He has however managed to fill out an annual Final Four bracket on time while failing to submit a budget to the Congress in a timely manner.He has vacationed on the taxpayer dime while being tone deaf to the suffering of our people. He has entertained lavishly.His greatest achievement is lifting Jimmy Carter out of the cellar as the worst American President.He is a sham, a poseur, a naif and a fakir.JLM.

    1. LE

      He has however managed to fill out an annual Final Four bracket on time while failing to submit a budget to the Congress in a timely manner.He has vacationed on the taxpayer dime while being tone deaf to the suffering of our people. He has entertained lavishly I wonder if things like “fill out an annual final four bracket on time” are not casual but intentional based on satisfying some personal connection he has to someone or payback. (Like when Michelle mentions that she wears J crew or any product or media event plug). I’m not saying it does but I do wonder. [1]With respect to the vacations I saw a picture of Michelle and the girls in really nice dresses (can’t find it to post here though) and I find that unusual in Michelle trying to be Jackie O, juxtaposed against the suffering of the rest of the country.[1] Was a fluff piece on Marc Andreessen on the front page of the WSJ the other day that was obviously placed by a PR firm.http://online.wsj.com/news/

      1. JLM

        .As to the Final Four, he is the typical HS basketball player — a jock sniffer.Plus, he had a Dukie (Reggie Love) as his body man for years.JLM.

        1. LE

          jock snifferNot being into sports I never heard that one before. For anyone else here is the definition that I just found of a jock sniffer:http://www.urbandictionary….These are the guys that stand with their arms crossed in antique stores while their wives shop. They are wearing college football sweatshirts and caps to make a point that they are sacrificing their stupid game to do something for their old ladies. They are also concerned about looking queer, and don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression. It’s hilarious to talk to them while patronizing the store.

          1. JLM

            .A jock sniffer is a guy who likes to pal around with athletes or other professionally accomplished persons (soldiers, cops) and feigns familiarity with the profession thereby creating a faux bond.They are High School Harrys who because they played middle school basketball think their voice is one of authority when talking to an NBA alll-star.They spend a lot of time professing their wisdom while filling out Final Four brackets.JLM.

          2. LE

            You know what I hate the most about things like this?Not that the JS are the way they are. It’s the fact that people who are friends with the JS impart all this importance to them simply because they don’t know at all what the “real thing” is.In a sense we all do this.I’m reminded of the fact that it’s almost a forgone conclusion in my mind that Arnold is a wine “expert”. When in fact I have no clue at all where he falls on the line of expertise. It’s what I call “the assumption of legitimacy”.This is what the media does best. Attach “expert” and create legends out of thin air.

          3. JLM

            .Not to get sidetracked, a perfect example of this is in the situation in the Ukraine.Professional soldiers know that the Russian army is not very good. It is 70% conscripts who are inadequately trained. Its equipment is third rate. Its leadership is essentially untrained at the company grade level where the real fighting takes place.Yet, everyone thinks the Russian Bear is a real menace. The US Army would whip the Russian army in about the same measure as they whipped the Iraqi army who were armed with Russian training, equipment and doctrine.I have no desire to fight over Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova as we have no real strategic interest there. It was nuts to allow them to join NATO.Because our leadership does not understand the capabilities of our military and because we are lead by political generals, we are unable to lean forward in the saddle and make credible threats.If the Russians concentrated 900 tanks on the Ukraine border, as they have in fact done, there would be about 50 operational the morning after the night when the balloon goes up.JLM.

  5. Shala

    I really appreciate how he has tried to reach out to different demographics in creative ways. Have you seen his video with Zach Galifinakis on his show “Between Two Ferns”? It’s hysterical–and was a brilliant way to get the word out on healthcare! http://www.youtube.com/watc

    1. Gotham Gal

      Loved it

  6. AG

    I think the verdict is still out on his legacy and effectiveness. Foreign Policy and healthcare definitely raise questions I’m not sure I have the answers to. But what I do know is that having a black president was important, and having a president and First Lady who are of the times and down to earth is what Sets America apart from other countries (and their hierarchies) in ways I am proud of. I hope they continue to reach out to many demographics and inspire the minorities of generations to come. Which reminds me, the education system still needs major work.

  7. Mario Cantin

    Wow, you really set JLM on fire with this post, he-he-he! Personally, and I’m a Canadian so my input may not count as much in this case, but I find your comments refreshing and I agree. It’s just *nice* to read that someone isn’t bashing the President and likes him. Too many haters. There are undoubtedly a lot of counter-currents in politics and no matter how much better the critics think they would fare, the truth is most or all of them would quickly run ashore and get smashed on a rock if they ever threaded in these waters. And he *does* seem like he would be a good guy to know.

  8. LE

    When I think of Obama and his kids this is what I think.I acknowledge all the opportunity that they will have. But I also think of the fact that they will be under a microscope for the rest of their lives. And that’s not good.What’s interesting is that by being the children of Michelle and Barrack (pre election) they already have a huge advantage in life just from that fact alone.So they would no doubt do very well and have tremendous opportunity even without the added scrutiny and also danger of being the children of a former President. I think about the danger quite a bit. In no way shape or form would I want to be in the public eye like that. Or have my children in the public eye like that either.I found it really interesting that when Obama was in his first week in office he took off from work to go see his kids teachers.You know to send a message to fathers (was what I heard) and also presumably because he cared about his kids education so much. Which of course I think is total pr bullshit as if Michelle wasn’t capable of handling that on her own. Or that the meeting outcome actually mattered. I do get the PR angle. But it did bother me given all the things going on in the country at the same time. Which were way more important than his kids school meeting. [1] But more importantly if he really care about his kids (and not himself) he wouldn’t have become President for the points that I made previously. Because I don’t think the upside outweighs the downside.[1] And the fact that there are men and women who serve in the armed forces who obviously regularly miss school and time with their children for the good of the country. And Obama is President.

  9. ewoodsny

    Yes, not perfect, but seems thoughtful & pragmatic. Unfortunately, the divisions within the political class have really hurt our nation both internally & externally. Then again, if we only listed to the FoxNews crowd, or JLM by proxy, everything it his fault, including the homework my dog just ate.

    1. Gotham Gal


    2. ewoodsny

      Damned autocorrect – “listened” & “is”

    3. JLM

      .Well not really. It’s all Bush’s fault, right?Who owns the rollout of OBAMAcare, Putin?Stop drinking the kool aide.The guy is in charge and incompetent.We’ve taken an enormous economic hit made infinitely worse by That Guy’s lack of effective leadership.Results count.JLM.

  10. pointsnfigures

    I am with JLM. I know what ideology Obama comes from. He is not pragmatic. He is an ideologue. Not a fan.