Going to the NY Stock Exchange

Me and captain america
I have never been to the stock exchange before.  No reason why I would have gone.  There is something magical about the whole place.  It is so very American.  

With a few of my fave people in the tech industry in NYC we have been putting together founders breakfasts.  So far we have had two.  There are so many interesting founders in NYC who do not know each other yet all the investors seem to know each other or have heard of each other.  Both breakfasts have been really great event and I am looking forward to more.  

Today the event took place at the NY Stock Exchange.  We had a breakfast at a huge round table where everyone gave their name, their companies name, what their company did and gave a short summary of what they have learned and what they perhaps need.  Then the conversation opened up and we talked about a few topics before getting a tour of the exchange.

The bell was rung by the Captain American people from Marvel today because the movie opens on Friday. In my head I expected mayhem on the floor but perhaps because of computers things are pretty tame.  Still it was pretty cool.