vintage-woman-makeupIf tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business. Dr. Gail Dines

When did personal maintenance begin?

I was getting myself the monthly coif and was thinking about personal maintenance.   The monthly haircut, the monthly hair dye (ugh), the eyebrow maintenance, the pedicure, I have stopped with the manicures (too much cooking), the variety of annual doctors check-ups, the every few months dermatologist appointment, etc.  It takes time to keep up.  I got laser surgery for my eyes at 39 so that is something that I have taken off the list at night which used to be taking out my contacts.  Now it is just the taking off the make-up, flossing and brushing of the teeth, moisturizing of the face, hands and feet.  I have added in the feet recently because they get dry and cracked.  Did I mention eye cream too?  Even getting ready in the morning has a routine.  I have limited the blow dry of the hair (I was born with a jewish afro) by getting the keratin treatment.  Hair gets a bit flat but it is worth the minutes of torture saved every morning under the blow dryer.

There is not a woman I know who talks about the ease of a man’s maintenance.  I know when we are getting ready to go somewhere nice I spend a few more minutes than the norm getting ready.  Fred pops in the shower and he is ready in no time at all.  Damn.

Did it start with Cleopatra?  Did it start with the media?  Did cave women look in the mirror and think wow I need a new dress?

There is something extremely comical about being at the hair salon and seeing the maintenance of beauty taking place.  I am part of it so I can laugh at myself too but I do wonder when did the personal maintenance regime begin?