Happy Memorial Day

imgresI took full advantage of Memorial Day weekend.  Perhaps it is because the kids are all on their own and I could.   I started on Wednesday.  I worked on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but remotely.  I soon got into a groove and before I knew it I was off blogging and email for days.  It feels good.  I noticed that my email inbox has slowed down too.  Makes me happy to see that.

I spoke at Techstars a few weeks ago and I actually spoke about the importance of taking time off.  Someone asked me when do you know it is time to take off.  I said when you fall asleep at your computer and you realize that you are no longer productive I’d call that a good time.  Getting away makes you more productive when you return.  Recharging those batteries are a key to life.

Taking time off to focus on the little things makes such a huge difference.  The things that I focused on over the last few days were making sure I kept an eye on the cake so it did not burn.  Making sure I did not get too much sun.  Making sure the wine refrigerator was filled.  Making sure there was enough dinner for everyone including stop-ins.  Making sure that I finished the book I was reading.  These are the little things in life that make for a relaxing three day weekend.

Looking forward to more relaxation as the summer progresses.  Happy Memorial Day…enjoy the day and make sure not to overcook the burgers.

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  1. ellen

    Speaking of burgers, what quality of beef do you find the best to grind? When I do boneless sirloin it seems to be too dry. Now that I have cooked every meal since my husband has gotten out of the hospital, I can’t seem to find a ground beef that he likes. I am somewhat at the mercy of food deliveries and it has not been very easy since we live in the burbs. Peapod just does not make it and there are no individual fish markets, nor butchers nor fruit markets anymore. Thank heaven for Roche Bros. because you can speak to a local ecommerce person who actually talks to the person who chooses your order.Can you believe whole foods does not have a delivery service?

    1. Gotham Gal

      There are several places where you can source your meat and actually create your own burgers.Try this: http://www.flannerybeef.com/

    2. pointsnfigures


    3. Stuart Willson

      highly rec short rib. also brisket. you can play around with those cuts and mix in chuck or sirloin depending on how fatty you want the burger, but the fattier the better is typically a good rule.

      1. Gotham Gal

        definitely a good rule.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. andrewghayes

    Yes! So important.What cake did you make?