Bar Primi

There seems to be a trend that good chefs, who have a great group behind them, are expanding their empires.  Andrew Carmellini (one of the nicest chefs in the business) is the chef behind the restaurant Bar Primi that recently opened on the Bowery in the Peels space.  The place was hopping the other night and not a seat to be had.   If you do not like pasta this is not the place for you.  The menu consists of appetizers, pastas and one special of the day that is not pasta.  Simple good food and a good price.  My only issue with this space and it was with Peels too is that the acoustics are tough.

breadsticksLove starting with a few bread sticks.  I ate the whole thing.  Terrible photos that night.  Alas.

arugulaWe started with an arugula salad.  Super simple tossed with a nice light lemon vinagrette.  The arugula is sourced from the rooftops of Brooklyn and it is absolutely delicious.

asparagusWe also had a side order of roasted asparagus chopped up and sprinkled with a mixture of hard boiled eggs and chopped cured pork.

blackcrabpastaPastas were obviously in order.  The special pasta that night which I happened to see on Andrew’s instagram earlier that day was a black ink squid pasta tossed with jalapeno, king crab and spicy peppers.  Delicious.

pasta with baconOur other pasta was a seasonal pasta made with a thick noodle and tossed with smoked bacon and pecorino cheese.

strawberriesWe were not that hungry but had to try at least one dessert.  Organic strawberries doused with balsamic vinegar.





Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    Wine you drank was____________?

    1. Gotham Gal

      i honestly can not remember. we each had a glass…that much i remember.

      1. awaldstein

        Curious if you’ve tried my buddies place Racines yet on Chambers? “Go for wine, stay for the food’ was Eric Asimov’s tweet. I’ll be curious about your response.Really good people.

        1. Gotham Gal

          have not. good?

          1. awaldstein

            See Eric’s quote above.Backstory–Racines is the oldest natural wine bar in Paris and the restaurant is a joint effort with them, Arnaud (the GM and somm) and David Lillie, co-owner at Chambers Street Wines.Kinda the West Side place for wine lovers. Think Ten Bells as a restaurant with a 4 star French chef.Wine is terrific–as is the food.Still finding it’s footing but seriously a community place where out of no where, people like Pascaline LePeltier, rock star Somm from Rouge Tomate, will just stop in and serve.My ‘Cheers’.

          2. Gotham Gal

            I will definitely go. Fan of Ten Bells so I get it.

  2. Julie

    Look at those plates. Just lovely.