Kitchensurfing instead of ordering in….

As an investor in Kitchensurfing (or any business) it is exciting to watch the growth happening.  We got to experience the latest concept in dining from Kitchensurfing that I think it super smart particularly in urban areas.  Some people order in for delivery several times a week so what KS is doing is not changing consumer behavior.  What is it doing is providing better food and an elegancy to the service.

At 5pm I got on to the Kicksurfing site and booked a chef for dinner with the Uber app thru a partnership.  Chef Warren showed up in less than an hour and cooked up a fantastic meal.  I did not have to lift a finger.  The kitchen was spotless when he left.  He was also charming, available to talk if you wanted to or not, a true professional.

crotsiniWe began with a few crostinis.  Large slices of thinly grilled bread coated with olive oil and topped with lobster, beers, mint and ricotta.  Really good.  The other was charred broccoli rabe and ricotta.  The char gave it this nice smoky flavor.

saladFor dinner we had a big green salad filled with market goodies.

grilledveggiesGrilled mixture of vegetables that were fresh from the farm.

chickenInsanely delicious chicken with a sauce on the side filled with a mixture of fresh herbs, capers and olive oil.

dessertDessert was good too.  Fresh fruit, basil sabayon and biscotti crumbled over the top.

cookiesI loved the simplicity of the meal.  Chef Warren has made Kitchensurfing his job.  He spent years in some of the best kitchens around the country and was ready to get out of the kitchen but continue to do what he was passionate about and on his own time.  He understands how to have a party for 12 or a party for 100 and that is what makes him excellent.  Nice oatmeal cookie treats he brought out at the end.

Being able to just book a chef a the last minute for dinner vs hitting up the local Chinese delivery is pretty genius.  Even if you use Postmates or Seamless, the food is just not as good coming straight out of the oven or out of the pan.  Nice job Kitchensurfing!!  Looking forward to more new options.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Erin

    Did he bring his own food, or did he use yours?

    1. Gotham Gal

      he brought his own.

  2. Mario Cantin

    Joanne, you’re an investor in Kitchensurfing, I’ll give you some quick feedback. If this were in Toronto, I’d use it regurarly, provided that there were the Chef Warren type on the service. I cannot eat gluten and so my wife and I now rarely eat out. This would be a great option for people in our situation, not to mention that’s it’s a great service in its own right. I like that the dishes you’ve chosen look both healthy and delicious. Take care.

    1. Gotham Gal

      totally agree. this is something that many would use the service for. thanks for the feedback

    2. awaldstein

      Surprised that Toronto is not packed with gluten free offerings.It is common place now in the best restaurants in NY to have this choice and a host of 100% gluton free restaurants and bakeries on the east side and into Brooklyn.

      1. Mario Cantin

        The trend is starting to take effect here as well, but not to that degree yet, I’m sensing; however in my case, it’s cross-contamination I must watch for as well, as ingesting even smal amounts of gluten creates a serious medical condition for me. I must therefore know that the individual who has handled my food has washed their hands after having handled wheat products, washed the preparation surface, not taken butter which might hold bread crumbs from a knife that went back and forth onto a toast, etc.Get the idea?I got tired pretty quickly of making an arse out of myself in public asking for such things; and as my wife is not big on restaurants in the first place, eating home as much as possible has become the default for us.It’s not a self-imposed jail, it’s a preference. If we are to be in spectacular company for an evening, then it’s worth the hassle and we’ll go out.

  3. AG

    I have had only great experiences with Kitchensurfing (both my own and at others). One way, I can see them potentially garnering more revenue from a younger crowd is by setting up a model that allows dinner attendees to split the cost of the meal. So for instance, allowing pple to create accounts with their credit card info saved, and then create dinner parties amongst their friends with accounts. Basically, it would be like going to a restaurant and splitting the check.I realize, this model has its issues. Most of us are still uncomfortable having pple over and doing a split the check situation. But I do think there is a demographic for it (one still suited to the brand kitchensurfing is trying to build) and a way of allowing users to find their friends and split dinner costs in a way that feels fun, rather than impolite or offensive.