Changing priorities

images-2My friend said this about something not related to me but it over vacation and it really stuck with me.  Changing priorities.

On the eve of a new year I am thinking a lot about changing priorities.  When it comes to year after year I actually think of September as the start of my new year but for a variety of reasons I am going to think about Jan 1 this year.

My sister says that every fall I come up with boundaries for myself so I can take it down a notch but I should keep in mind who is setting those boundaries as they slide down into an abyss.

This fall has been the beginnings of change for me.  We took a month long trip to acknowledge that we are now empty nesters.  Since then I have worked insanely hard, maybe harder than ever.  I enjoy the work, I love that I have tons of flexibility and there is obviously some pressing need to prove myself to me.  I am quite aware of the baggage trailing behind.
Back to the question, how do you change the priorities?  Life is always about balance no matter where you are.  Funny thing is I do not think my priorities are off.  I might just live like by the quote from Massimo Vignelli “One life is too short for doing everything.”

One thing I do know is that when I am in NYC I go full speed.  It is why I love this town.  As I get older it gets harder to maintain that.  That much I realize.  Maybe the movement from place to place for longer extended periods of time will help me so I am working on that this year.  Time in NYC, time in LA, time at the beach, and traveling too.

I am sure that there is a long list of things I need to do to slow it down and that is where my head is at.  Why aren’t there 30 hours in a day?  I am really excited about 2015.  I think this is the year I might just figure it all out.  I am sure my sister will get a big chuckle out of that.

Happy 2015 everyone!

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  1. Shripriya

    Excited for the LA/west coast time 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Donna Brewington White

    We may look more relaxed, but pretty full speed here in LA too. :)I think a lot of us can relate to what you’ve shared here — I can. Unfortunately, I create 30 hour days by sleeping less. That can’t continue. Priorities and boundaries seems like the answer. Will be interested to see what develops out of your process.

    1. William Mougayar

      Donna. You never sleep. Stop lying to yourself 😉

      1. Donna Brewington White

        Called out. Ha! But I really must. Really.

        1. Rohan

          We are due a catch up!Happy new year Donna and @Williammougayar (do disqus mentions work?)

          1. Donna Brewington White

            We ARE due! Kept thinking I’d make it to Chicago this Q4 — but looks more promising for Q1 2015. Miss you. But we’ll skype if nothing else. Meanwhile, Happy New Year!Ha – We are turning GG’s blog into the AVC chat room. 🙂 Sorry, GG.

          2. Rohan

            Sounds like a plan. Can’t wait! Happy new year, Donna!! 😀

  3. William Mougayar

    You need to take something out in order to do something new. Life is full as it is. Otherwise, jamming new on top of old is just jamming stuff. I’m asking myself now what will I stop doing so I can do better the new or essential things I need to do.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      Yes, yes!

    2. Gotham Gal

      What to take out is a big question. I want to add more in. 🙂

      1. William Mougayar

        You have 15 hours to figure that out 😉

  4. Susan Rubinsky

    Happy new year! (I stick by September as a time for setting new priorities too 🙂

  5. Kevin Donovan

    It wasn’t clear to me “why” you want to change your priorities. Perhaps spending some cycles thinking about “why” will make the “how” a bit more clear.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Why is because I believe that I need to take it down a notch. Perhaps I don’t.

      1. Kevin Donovan

        hmmm….doesn’t sound like you. you seem to be quite decisive from what I’ve read.Its always easier to stay busy and go-go-go. It’s hard to stop and think about what is truly important to you. Especially so if you’re an alpha.I would stay on the “why” question until the answer feels right for you. There is no rush.Don’t mean to be preachy – just trying to provide some support. Transitions are hard.

        1. Gotham Gal

          I think you are spot on. I should concentrate on the why. I am going to do that.

  6. Christine

    In 2010 I detonated a few things in my life – by choice – because I had lost sight of many things, especially myself. It happened in the parking lot of a grocery store where I had stopped on the way home after my husband and kids had called to ask me to pick up some ice cream. I knew everybody’s favorite flavor except my own. It was a surreal watershed moment triggered by something totally trivial in the most unlikely of places but it brought with it a clear realization that I had become completely disconnected from everything except my family and my job. I declared 2011 my year of ‘yes’ and threw myself into anything and everything that resonated with me. There was collateral damage to some degree but nothing I wasn’t prepared to accept responsibility for. 3 years, 2 startups, and a massive network later, I am declaring 2015 my year of ‘no’ but with a Jedi mind trick thrown in to help me structure how I decide what NOT to do.I have a group of women ( we call ourselves the ‘Thinking & Drinking Gals’) – all of them entrepreneurs and several of them mothers. We get together every 6 weeks or so, make dinner, drink wine (our kids are usually there too) and brainstorm on one or two of the most pressing business problems members of the group are facing. At our holiday meal, one of the women suggested that we all pick a word for 2015 that would set our intention and refine our focus (as opposed to setting New Year’s resolutions). Sappy as it may sound, mine came to me in a dream a few nights later but what I love about the idea of one word is that it becomes the core value by which to make decisions and align action.So, all of this over sharing to ask, what’s your word? ;O) Wishing you the best!

    1. Gotham Gal

      i love this.

      1. Christine

        :O) Happy New Year!

  7. Rohan

    There’s a nice Zen quote I read – “When hungry, eat your rice; when tired close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean.”In essence, it says work when you want to work, think when you want to think and take rest when you want to rest.Loved it and thought I’d share.Happy new year Joanne!

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice quote. i wonder when that was written.

      1. Rohan

        Apparently – Linji Yixuan (founder of the Linji school of Zen Buddhism during the Tang dynasty.) He lived around 800AD

  8. Lisa Abeyta

    Transitions and redefining ourselves is such a difficult journey – figuring out what we want to change, what else has to give to make that happen, and how to rearrange our current rhythm to find new balance. I’ve learned for myself that boundaries create freedom until we become inflexible in our commitment to stick to them; then those boundaries can quickly become bondage.

  9. Cecelia Feld

    Some of us never slow down (or at least, we think we don’t). As long as you factor in some down time/relaxing time (hobbies?) you’ll be fine. Don’t over think this. If you have good health (key) you have years of go-going ahead of you. Talk to me anytime about what life can be like in your 60’s and 70’s. You have a long way to go. Enjoy the ride. All things bright and beautiful in 2015 to you and Fred.

  10. rebeccastees

    Can you say more about the “pressing need to prove myself to me”?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ha. Then I’d have to go back to my youth.

      1. Donna Brewington White

        A post for another time, perhaps?

        1. Gotham Gal

          ha. perhaps.