Great Performances annual Latkefest

latkeshirtI love this event.  You walk into the event and you get that instantaneous smell of latkes.  It is a unique smell of potatoes cooking in hot oil.  If you make them in your kitchen it smells for days.  It smells like Hanukkah!

titosThis year we kicked off the event with a Titos sitting at the front door.

grandmaThen we dug in.  I admit I did not taste every single thing but year but we definitely tasted a few.   The ChutzSpud from Hill and Bay.

latkeapplesauceArlene’s Latkes ( Grandma’s ) from The Commons Chelsea.

hbkGreat breads from Hot Bread Kitchen…oops not a latke

maemaeLatke with whipped creme fraiche, pickled ginger and cardamon bake from Mae Mae Cafe

jleonardTailgate Sunday’s caraway spiked latke with Brats, beer mustard and crispy onion from Joseph Leonard.

choppedliverSweet potato and celeraic schmaltz-fried Latkes topped with house-made chopped liver and cranberry horseradish and apple relish.

sourcreamCrispy Potato Latkes with Apple Sauce and sour cream by Karloff.

The winners were Japanese Sweet Potato and Crispy Chesnut Latke in duck fat with miso creme fraiche and Yuzu from Print Restaurant as the Judge’s choice.  Shelskys for the peoples choice and Mae Mae also one best latke from the Judges.


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  1. pointsnfigures

    Happy Channukah. Blessings of the season to you.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks…you too

  2. awaldstein

    Have a great holiday.I realize how much being brought up in an immigrant & thoroughly ethnic family was about the food.Latkes, Kasha Varnishkas, chopped liver, chicken soup and matza balls, briskett, bialys, kugel and on and on.My mom is 96 and I still think of her making this food for a family of six after working all day and just loving loving it. Life ain’t perfect but I have nothing but good thoughts about the family my parents created.