Dumplings in Sunset Park

Fred and I went out to Sunset Park in Brooklyn on Saturday to look at a few possible projects.  Afterward we had two options based on the area, Mexican and Chinese.  We went for Chinese.

Sunset Park has some great places for Chinese food and of course dumplings.  It is the Chinatown of Brooklyn.  Once you hit 8th Avenue all the signs are in Chinese.  The street is teeming with people strolling with bags in hand.  Groceries, shopping, dining, whatever.

foodmallWe only wanted to go to one place so I opted for the Shanghai Dumpling House in the Fei Long Market.  The Fei Long Market is essentially a building that houses a few stores and a large food hall.  The place was packed.  Everyone was eating dishes that looked fantastic.

meatchinaThere was one place called Shall We Eat that was all about meat.  Roasted ducks, racks of ribs, chicken etc.  We couldn’t try everything so we just opted for the dumplings.

crabdumplingsWe chose two kinds of soup dumplings.  Maryland Crab.  They were delicious.  Chopped crab meat that tasted was so tasty in a crab broth and then stuffed inside the dumpling.

porkroeThe other was pulled pork and crab roe.  A strange combination that really worked.  Total cost for all the dumplings and a bottle of water was $17.50.  You have to put out $2 for the baskets and you get it back when you return them.  Smart.

yogurtThen we stopped in the frozen yogurt place on the way out.  I tried the pistachio, blueberry and mango.  The blueberry and mango were insanely sweet and fake tasting.  Almost spit it out.  Pistachio not so bad.

Next time we are out there we are going to have to venture out to more dumplings spots  Really good!