Pages Restaurant, Paris

restaurantPages Restaurant is a tiny restaurant in the 16th that has a prix fixe menu with roughly 8 or 9 dishes.  The meal is actually simple, flavorful and elegant.  Sometimes we walk away thinking we can barely move but I did not feel this here.  The service is great and we definitely felt lucky to be there.  The Japanese chef reigns from a handful of top restaurants in Paris so his menu is unique.

tableveggiesThese are at the table when we sat down.  A mixture of crispy vegetable chips.

platesEach seat had these beautiful plates in front of them.

puddfedriceFirst thing out are puffed rice with a langoustine cream.  Really good almost like a crispy chip.

rockpotatoshipwithkalecreamThis warm rock has something that tastes like a potato chip and a dollop of kale cream that keeps the piece attached.

tartarreheyOn the side is a spoon of bonito tartare that is smoked in hay.

raviloliThis was the beginnings of the meal.  An intense vegetable broth filled with a chopped veal ravioli and thin slices of Kobi beef on the side.  This broth was really incredible.

foiegrasJapanese charcoal crusted foie gras over a sweet onion cream.  This was insane.  I should have taken a picture of the foie gras inside.

asparagusI loved the simplicity of this.  One large asparagus from supposedly the best asparagus grower in France.  Along side is a sabayon with a slight cheese flavor and pieces of crispy jambon.   Very modern dish.

turbotRoasted turbot with razor clams and a citrus flavored sauce.

beefA mixture of Wagu and 30 day German aged beef.

pinecoldaDessert was next.  This tasted a bit like a pina colada.  Not my fave.  Pineapple ice.

creamthingPanna cotta steeped with tea.

chocolatecreametcChocolate sorbet set inside a wrapped pastry covered with a wild meadow flower sweet cream.

sorreliceThis is a small dish of sorrel sorbet on the side to end.

beefrestaurantSomehow we did see chocolates make there way around the rooms but we were the last table standing and perhaps they ran out.  We could have used a few chocolates to end the meal.   This is my last photo of this beautiful fridge that sit proudly in the room.

All and all and incredible week in Paris regardless of the rain.   Good food, great art, amazing friends.  Kind of hit all the high notes.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Yinka!

    Great presentation and I love that white tray plate. Also like how meat has pride of place display, not unlike desserts usually do.

  2. Erin

    So beautiful, but I don’t understand the rock thing. Are you supposed to lick the kale cream off it? Or is that top part something you eat?

    1. Gotham Gal

      the small black piece on the rock comes off and you pop it in your mouth. we all wondered the same thing.