Any salad with bacon is a winner

baconI made this salad twice so far this summer…and more than likely a few more times before the summer ends.

3 pieces of bacon


couple cups of corn

3 shallots – chopped

1/4 cup of red wine vinegar

olive oil

Shavings of parm (1/4 cup)

8-10 figs sliced into quarters (this is optional)

Put the arugula (or mixed greens if you prefer) in a salad bowl before you begin.

In a deep frying pan make the bacon.  Once the bacon is crispy set it aside and crumble.  I got rid of some of the fat in the pot just so the bottom was covered.  Toss in the shallots to the pot where you made the bacon and saute until soft.  Now add in the corn and saute until it starts to brown.  Let this cool but keep warm.  Then put in the red wine vinegar and mix it up.  Add salt for flavor.

Add this mixture to the salad and toss.  Add some olive oil.  Now put the crumbled bacon on top.  Add the shavings of parm and the figs on top and mix.  You could even do sliced peaches instead of figs.  Salads are meant to be played with.

Serve.  It is a bit warm and the flavors really compliment each other.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Jess Bachman

    That’s my kind of salad. Is the corn off the cob or from a can/bag? Grilled corn on the bbq would be primo on this I bet.

    1. Gotham Gal

      off the cob but you could make it in the winter from frozen

  2. pointsnfigures

    time for you to try making your own bacon at home. nothing like it-so good.