Hot Bread Kitchen

Partnership Fund for NYC: Hot Bread Kitchen from Mark Thompson on Vimeo.

The Partnership of New York is an organization that funds businesses in NYC that create jobs.  They are thoughtful about what they fund with explicit goals in mind.  They have been a partner for Hot Bread Kitchen from the very beginning funding something small that has really hit its stride with what they do.

Jessamyn Rodriguez is the brain-child behind this organization.  I have chaired it for the last 5 years.  What I love more than anything is the impact we have made in minority women’s lives.  The long tail of that for their families and communities is tremendous.  Here is a recent video about what HBK is doing.

Hot Bread Kitchen is more than a bakery.  It is a community of amazing women who make out of this world bread and support each other as they grow as bakers and entrepreneurs.