In keeping with the trying out of new haunts we went to Sessanta over Labor Day weekend.  We first went to see Diary of a Teenage Girl.   Bel Powley plays the main character.  I am pretty confident that this young woman is someone we will see a lot of in the years to come.

Sessanta is located in the Soho Hotel on Thompson Street.  Our friends stayed there last year.  Great roof top.  Fred was having breakfast outside there on 9/11.  Now there is a new restaurant in the hotel from John McDonald.  We sat outside because it was such a nice night but I did a walk through of the restaurant.  Great decor, very cool bar and there is an intimacy in the restaurant that I really like.

potatoWe shared a bunch of things between the three of us.  First out were a few tastes from the kitchen.  Potato mashed fries with a hint of cheese over the top.

squashbreadSquash ratatouille on a crostini.  This was really delicious.  I could eat a small bowl of this.

tomatosaladNothing like the combo of tomatoes, grilled peaches, buratta and pieces of basil.  Summer in a bowl.

snapperThinly sliced snapper crudo with sliced cucumbers and pickled peppers.  Beautiful presentation.

meatballsSausage meatballs with thinly sliced red peppers and honey.  I really liked the meatballs with chunky pieces of sausage.  Interesting combo with the sweetness of the honey.

risottoStuffed rice balls with prosciutto and pistachios.  These were really good.  I would have liked a little sauce for dipping.

ravioliStuffed ricotta ravioli with summer vegetables of baby leeks and zucchini.  Nice summer dish.

lambLamb ragu with basil over a thicker pasta.  Quite good.  The pasta could have used a few more seconds in the water but we inhaled it.

chickenWe split the chicken.  Perfectly cooked, crispy and juicy with a hint of spice.

cornSide of corn.

Dessert was not on our radar that night but we will return.  I just like the whole vibe there.  Plenty of other things to try.  I like the menu.  Simple with a twist of southern Italy.  Nice addition to Soho.

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  1. pointsnfigures

    went to a BYOB place in Pilsen Chicago recently and had the arancini (fired rice balls). They were terrific.