It is all about the greenmarket

farmersmarketThe Raspail market in the 6th takes places on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  It is one of the few markets that are all about organic products.  We walked through there and picked up a few things for the week.

figsThe figs are perfect now and goes quite well with cheese.

ojSome fresh orange juice for breakfasts.

eggsEggs, of course.

cheeseAnd cheese is a must.

769600_8cMYP2VSD8lpeq-9ICB_3KNMY0mulWnLoYKM4hPWqncThe rest of the day was strolling through the Marais.  Sunday is seriously bustling over in that area.  Most shops are closed in Paris on Sundays but in this area more than less do open.  We stopped at Café Svenka inside the courtyard of the Swedish Institute.

pateDinner was at Le Benoit, an Alain Ducasse bistro. Sunday night is tough. Many places are not open.  I wasn’t wowed.  Maybe I am just done with the old school heavy french food.  Nothing was an omg.  I had the duck pate.

grapesThis was a special, grapes and mushrooms roasted in grape leaves.  They bring it to the table wrapped up and then move it into this plate.  Then they pour a super rich sauce on top.  Beautifully composed but not divine.

pigeonI had the pigeon which again was super rich.  Beautifully done on every level but again not brilliant.  Just classic French food.

beignetsThe best thing was the beignets and chocolate sauce, fondue style.  The beignets were stuffed with cream which was a really nice addition.

We are not making a bunch of reservations while we are here but the rest of the time will try and go local.  We will see how that works for us.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Jenna Abdou

    Love the pictures of the fresh food at the market! Hope you’re having a great time!

  2. pointsnfigures

    Awesome. I like that they have true organic. At Chicago’s Green City Market not every purveyor is organic-just fresh.

  3. LE

    Maybe I am just done with the old school heavy french food. Nothing was an omg. I had the duck pate.Nah I just think it was meh. Which is separate from maybe being done with heavy french food. Nobody every gets tired of eating something good from the bakery. Ever hear “I guess I am just over eating frosted cupcakes laced with chocolate”. Nobody ever gets tired of eating good pizza or steamed lobster.It’s like my air conditioning analogy. If you put your hand next to the AC vent, and have to think ‘hm is it working?’, it’s not working. [1][1] Cold air is cold air.

    1. Gotham Gal

      you could be right.

  4. jonathanc

    The rotisserie chicken at that market is unbelievably good, although very pricy. For years there was a moroccan stand in the middle of the market selling amazing tea and beautiful textiles. We were always good for cup of tea and a scarf. Is the American who sells “english muffins” and (I think) brownies still there?

    1. Gotham Gal

      I ddi not see the brownies and english muffins. the only store we missed was the olive oil store. i think the english muffin man might be gone.