Chefs Club

kitchenwindowI had dinner at Chef’s Club with my friend Dana Cowin.  Dana decided that after two decades at Food and Wine where she reigned as the Editor in Chief for years it was time for a new challenge.  Chef’s Club is lucky to have her.  Her deep knowledge of the food industry and media is the perfect fit.  Chef’s Club is a new kind of restaurant where the greatest chef’s from around the world can come to collaborate, be imaginative and be refreshed.

Not only is the restaurant beautiful I walked out of there thinking this is a new platform just like Food and Wine was a platform for chefs for years but in print.  There is so much content out there on the web around food, travel, etc that it is getting more difficult for old school publications to come up with new ways to build an audience on the web from paper outside of advertising.  Chef’s Club is taking those conversations, the new recipes, events, classes and putting it in brick and mortar as a place to connect.  The concept is that there will be Chef Club’s around the globe where the food community and others who are interested in that community can connect.  People in food work 80 hours a week so although they all know of each other they rarely get a chance to meet each other around a kitchen.

Journee is taking a different approach with a club for conversation in the industry.  They bring in people to have conversations, wine experts to do a tasting that is then taped and more moving forward.  Super smart.  Both of these concepts are part of the future of this industry.

pizzaDinner was delicious.  We began with the pizza of the night.  Ricotta, tomato sauce and duck proscuitto.

porkJohnny Cake by Chef Linton Hopkins.  A thin johnny cake topped with pieces of barbecued pork belly and then covered with cole slaw and creamed corn.  The crunch of the slaw mixed with the buttery pork and the cake to sop up the sauces was really good.

salmonSalmon crudo by Chef Erik Anderson.  Thinly sliced salmon topped with brown butter, dill and an egg yolk.

lambI had the lamb chops.  A mixture of lamb.  Two chops, lamb belly and spicy lamb sausage over thinly sliced potatoes and artichokes.  Not sure who the chef of this was but it was a really nice combo of flavors and ways that lamb can be done.  The sausage was excellent.

beefSimply beef by Chef Erik Anderson.  Slices of grilled beef with an onion glaze, bone marrow, vegetables and horseradish.  Really loved the presentation here.

chocolatecakeDessert could not be missed.  Triple layer chocolate sour cream cake with coffee ganache by Chef’s Cheryl and Griffith Day.

cheeseI always love the cheese plate.  You can get three pieces or five.  I don’t recall where the cheese were from but they were each so good.

pinksaltGoing back for sure.  I particularly loved the large piece of pink salt hanging from the ceiling.