Out and about in LA

Of course we are digging in on the latest and supposedly greatest.

cevicheOur first meal out with friends was at Leona’s.  Cute spot in Venice that serves “progressive California cuisine” that is seasonally driven.  We had a few starters, mains and one pizza.  The best thing we had was the Coctel Mixado.  Local seafood mixed in tomato juice combined with thinly sliced radishes, cilantro and topped with rice paper crackers.  Really solid.  The mains were fine, the pizza was too bready and I thought the fried smelts were good for the table.

tacoOne taco stop was important over the course of the weekend.  We are working our way to as many as possible.  Had an errand to run so we stopped by Tito’s tacos.  Always a line.  Down and dirty old school tacos.  The best is the cheese and beef taco.

cheeseplateWent to see 45 Years, lots of issues with that film but we went over to Esters Wine Bar for a few nibbles and some wine before calling it quits.  Great spot.  We had a variety of things on the menu but my favorite was the cheese platter.  The bread on that platter was incredible.  If they sold it I would have bought a loaf or two.

spotOf course more to try.  We drove downtown to the art district for dinner.  It is amazing what has happened in downtown LA.  We went to Guerilla Atelier first to check it out.  It is a cool spot.  Mixture of clothes, books, candles, shoes for men and women in the front and then a gallery in the back….LA’s concept shop.

We drove over to where we were having dinner which is right next to the Broad Museum.  The Broad Museum is free but you have to book your ticket online and they are filled up until April at this point.  We got there about 30 minutes before the museum was closing.  Nobody in line.  The woman at the door asked for our ticket which we said we did not have and my brother asked if we could go in as we were visiting from NYC and was hoping to see the museum.  She said she wasn’t supposed to but since nobody was there she’d let us in.

escalatorBest thing of the weekend, hands down.  The museum is spectacular.  The architecture is off the charts from the escalator.

To the small windows where you can peek into something like the collection and where it is housed.

The Broad’s given a gift to LA.  The works that they have collected over the years are over the top.  I need to go back several times!!

kitchenThen we went over to Otium.  The restaurant is really beautiful.  The kitchen sits in the middle of the restaurant and it is one of the most amazing kitchens I have seen in a restaurant.  They have spared no expense.  The chef comes out of French Laundry.  An interesting menu with the concept is for everyone to share.  Yet here is the issue the plates are really not for sharing.  You end up having a bite of 12 different plates and although each unique it isn’t like they exactly work in the mouth together.  Beef short ribs with mashed potatoes next to a light Cod next to prawns with a coconut curry.

spaghettiFavorite was the spinach bucatini with egg, bacon, clam and creme fraiche.

All and all the favorite was the Broad Museum.

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks!New account in LA brings me to the west side so I’m following the culinary adventures of a New Yorker in LA. We are both that.And curious if you discover any wine shops or wine bars that rival those in NY.Enjoy the winter. Cold and slushy here.