Barbie evolves

Digital Studio - Tim Hout 12.17.15 (2015-12-17) 201603 > Barbie Selects Caption: Glamour March Barbie

If you missed it last week, Barbie has several new figures and faces.  She also has a host of new jobs from President to computer engineer. Certainly Barbie has evolved.  Bravo to Mattel.

Backlash around Barbie’s physique has amplified over the past few years.  That noise has also been about the media’s depiction of women from massive amount of photoshopping of photographs to sexual objects including gaunt runway models.

The voice from women is growing.  Women come in different shapes sizes and colors  Women deserve equal pay.  Women are growing companies and leading major companies at leaps and bounds.  This generation is demanding this and much more.

An interesting time of change.  This generation of young children playing these new set of Barbies validates the diversity in the world and that is a step in the right direction.