Husband, father….but not wife, mother.

imagesOne of the founders I work with pointed out something to me about peoples Linkedin and Twitter profiles.  What men put on their profiles vs what women put on their profiles are quite different.

I have seen many men put on their profiles husband and father as the first thing on their “bio” about themselves.  Years ago men would have never done that because what was most important was their title and the family was something only known in personal circles.  No doubt that has changed with more educated women pursuing and achieving the same titles and jobs expecting equality of family responsibility from their partners….thank god.  Men of this generation are applauding themselves on being fathers and husbands first and foremost to everyone in the public eye.  It is acknowledged in business as a good thing.  What a good guy, he puts he is a father on his profile.

Women on the other hand rarely put mother and wife on their profiles.  They need to show that this part of their life is personal and does not define who they are in their business life.  Women in corporate America still have to keep their kids under wraps where men are applauded for going to their kids soccer game.  Successful women in business want to be their business face out there first for fear that if they don’t they will be dismissed as a capable player.  I have never heard of a man pitching a VC being asked when they plan on having kids yet I have heard that from women countless times.

Kind of fascinating.  Women feel the need to put their business foot forward and their family foot backward where men feel the need to put their family foot forward and their business foot backward. Is this an evolution for men to show they are keeping up their part at home and women showing that they work hard too regardless of the family at home?

Just an observation….